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M9K Heavy Weapons
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Feb 18, 2013 @ 10:25am
Nov 9 @ 9:28am
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M9K Heavy Weapons

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This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these settings to fit your needs.

Included in this addon:
Ammo boxes which can explode if damaged.

Selective Fire: Some weapons can now change between full automatic and semi automatic.
Hold Use (default E) and hit Reload to select auto or semi-auto.

Optional Empty Weapon Stripping: Weapons with no ammo left will be dropped. Use the console command M9KWeaponStrip. Weapon stripping is disabled by default, and shame on me for not doing it earlier.

Optional Gas Effects when firing your weapon. Use the console command M9KGasEffect. If you are using an older computer or lag severely when firing, disable the effect.
To disable gas effects for all users on your server, use the console command M9KClientGasDisable 1. You can re-enable gas effects for clients by using the console command M9KClientGasDisable 0.

Optional Dynamic Recoil: Recoil now will push your aiming direction. You will notice your aim being pushed upward after each shot. Don't like it? Use the console command M9KdynamicRecoil.

Optional Bullet Penetration: Disable the penetration and ricochet, as well as their effects. Use the console command M9KDisablePenetration.

Optional Ammo Box Detonation: You can decide whether my ammo boxes go kaboom or not. Use the console command M9KAmmoDetonation..

Unique Weapon Slots: Use the console command M9KUniqueSlots if you would like to enable/disable unique slot numbers (and fast weapon switching) for each weapon. (And let me know if I missed one!)

Customizable Damage Multiplier: Use the console command M9KDamageMultiplier to scale up (or down!) M9K bullet damage.

Customizable Default Clips: Use the console command M9KDefaultClip to select how many default clips weapons will spawn with.

This addon does require CSS for hand textures, but you can find a suitable replacement here on the workshop. Garry has also included low-res fallback textures, so you should be able to play without looking at checkerboard hands.

Included are 28 weapons, listed and credited below.

Ares Shrike []
M249 Light Machine Gun []
Minigun []
M60 []
M1918 BAR []
FG42 []

1887 Winchester []
1897 Winchester trench shotgun []
Browning Auto 5 []world model[]
Double Barrel []
M3 []
Remington 870 []
SPAS-12 []
Jackhammer []animations[]
Striker 12 []

Remington 7615P []
Dragunov SVU []
Thompson G2 Contender []
PSG-1 []
Accuracy International AW50 []
Barret M82 []
Barret M98B []
Dragunov []
Intervention []
Sl8 [] animations[]

Special Thanks: Mr. F-kusu, White, Generic Default, Worshipper, and Clavus. Darkaaja, Faze Spoder
The weapons in this addon do not support custom playermodel hands. I tried to implement this feature, but the models broke when I decompile them.
I don't think I will be making any more weapons. However, the weapon base is now public, so you can make them yourselves! Visit this link to download the base, and follow the instructions to start making your own weapons.
Any problems?
If you're having any problems, you should take a look at my troubleshooting page here:
Check out my Administration Addon for easy configuration!
Murderthon 9000 Administration
Download .GMA files for PC and Servers here at
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INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] 11 hours ago 
That wasn't me. Credit goes to the model makers linked in the description
unicorn1101 Nov 27 @ 7:46pm 
you did such an AMAZING job with the textures especially with the reloading
The Dude Nov 15 @ 7:29pm 
i get this: DataTable warning: func_door_rotating: Out-of-range value (1000.000000) in SendPropFloat 'm_flSpread', clamping.
INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] Nov 15 @ 7:04pm 
the barret has just about the best accuracy you could ask for. if your addon isn't corrupted, your aim is off.
The Dude Nov 15 @ 4:48pm 
Is the barret's bullets supposed to never hit the target even if im 2 mm away from the npc? Nov 12 @ 6:30pm 
Good work
trextyler Nov 11 @ 10:10pm 
So the console command to change weapon damage is M9KDamageMultiplier (number) but I can't quite figure out how to make the server do that by itself when started. Help? Comment solution on my profile please.
INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] Nov 9 @ 9:34am 
Yup, just updated the addons. Thanks to Faze Spoder, I found what was causing the weapon sway on scoped weapons. It was a hook in Buu's Base that didn't check to see if the weapon calling it was actually his. I did some clever stuff and now that won't be a problem.

If you're still seeing weapon sway, make sure your addons are up to date. If that doesn't help, then some other addon is using an older version of the M9K base and hasn't renamed the base like I asked. Disable that addon and tell the creator to rename the base.

As usual, some servers don't like downloading large addons. In that case, you'll have to manually upload the GMA file to get it working. Check the link at the bottom of the description for details.

This update only changed three words in the entire addon. Nothing else was changed.
INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] Nov 8 @ 7:10pm 
To the both of you, the problem comes from weapons using Buu's Base. I've got an update I'll be issuing soon to fix it for my weapons. I'll update my addons tomorrow night.

Until then, all I can recommend is that you disable weapons using Buu's Base, and leave comments on those weapons telling him to make his weapon sway hook check if the weapon actually uses his base.
Trust me, I welded it Nov 8 @ 5:58pm 
The only question I would have is which gun to choose ;) and @radams4cubs crouch, it decreases the swaying dramatically