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Jan 1, 2013 @ 8:04pm
Jan 25, 2013 @ 8:48pm
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A mod to further expand the dungeon in which you crawl.

This mod contains 30 extra room which will generate between levels 1 and 15. Some generate on more levels than others. My goal is to further expand this mod to contain more rooms in varying styles.

**Note the added rooms are not OP nor do they offer any special perks. They are designed to offer further variance in your dungeon and will seem equally as difficult/boring/annoying/helpful/aggrevating/astonishing/pleasing and/or tantilizing as the ones designed by gaslamp.

As pointed out by "The Internet Janitor" (Thanx man!) This mod is simple in all the right places. You can choose to run this mod and enjoy the balance and original gameplay developed by Gaslamp or install one of the many other fabulous mods on the workshop to enhance or alter the gameplay. These rooms will be compatible with virtually all modifications! Enjoy!
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Lipucd Oct 26 @ 10:55pm 
Honestly stuff like more vaired rooms is always a welcomed change. I feel the game itself has more then enough loot to keep me going, but you start to know every possible cell it can spawn after a few hours. At that point the game tends to drag and feel more and more dull beyond encounters, so stuff like this is always welcomed to just spice things up some more!
LactoseTheIntolerant  [author] Sep 22 @ 9:43pm 
Over 10k Subscibers wow! Nice to see everyone is enjoying the mod!
A.S.H. Apr 21 @ 10:43am 
Ah ok, having not gotten into modding it myself, I was unsure how that worked. No problem then, that just means that one of my future characters is going to have a LOT of fun! Thanks!
LactoseTheIntolerant  [author] Apr 20 @ 11:23am 
Hi Aryss, sorry for late reply. This mod is simply adding room files and therefore cannot negatively affect any non-room based mods. In regards to the Ultra Library keep in mind there is a chance of generation and no guarantee. It basically works that the game chooses rooms that fit together from a list. It randomly fills the whole floor. There is a chance the library will be one of those rooms.
A.S.H. Apr 10 @ 12:33pm 
Could there be any conflict with this mod and Endless Statue Bashing? I have both, plus your lovely Ultra Library that was supposed to appear on the first floor, but neither of these awesome things appear to be working.. Could there be some conflict in the room list because of ESB?
LactoseTheIntolerant  [author] Mar 5 @ 9:04pm 
asyaoran20, thanx for the feedback however if you are basing your decision on the screenshots above, please not those are taken in 'testmode' and do not have the generated monsters and loot in the image. They are simply to illustrate the room layout. Many of the rooms generate loot and/or monsters based on the design of the room and what best fits them. I honestly can say this has been planned and I believe the results are what you would expect to see from any other room you enter. :)
asyaoran20 Mar 3 @ 10:57pm 
I like the uniqueness of the rooms, but they seem to be quite lacking in features, such as blockers, items, secret areas, and possibly monsters. It's a pretty good mod, but I'll give it a miss. Sorry.
Bicant Jan 28 @ 5:04am 
LactoseTheIntolerant  [author] Jan 3 @ 7:15pm 
7000 subscribers! Never thought there would be this many users lol! Thanx for subscribing and thanx for voting! Nice to see the mod on the front page of highest rated of all time! Who knows, one day it might be top three :)
LactoseTheIntolerant  [author] Dec 29, 2013 @ 8:11pm 
Glad you still like it Internet Janitor, I like to think it adds a bit of extra flavor and variety!