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Additional Music Project Part One
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Jan 1, 2013 @ 3:20am
Jan 4, 2013 @ 1:57pm
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Additional Music Project Part One


- Original Description -

This mod contains about 108 minutes of additional (not replacer) music for Skyrim. (30 tracks)

10 Combat tracks (distinction between dragon and combat, some overlap)
3 Dungeon tracks
17 Exploring tracks (roughly put, there is a distinction between town, day, morning, dusk and night)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This mod has been split up into two parts, thanks to the 100 MB upload limit on Steam. So please look out for Part Two as well, as half of the tracks (currently 15) are in Part Two.

For those that are keeping track of the names of the tracks:

Part One contains: A Chorus Of Sneezing Angels, Abandon All Hope, Army Of One, Definitely A Time For Heroics, Dreamweaver, Eternitybells, For Old Time's Sake, Frostfall, Humble Beginnings, I'll Have Your Head, It Crawls, It's Too Quiet, Midnight Walk, Morning Glory, Nightwanderers

Part Two contains: On A Lighter Note, Peaceful Days Remembered, Soaking In The Scenery, Stardust, Surrounded By History, Tempest, The Work Of God Fearing Men, The Eerie Places, The Quiet Life, The Winged Dread, Too Close For Comfort, Trial By Fire, True Nords Never Back Down, Tundranights, Windwalkers

Sorry for the inconvenience.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2: The mp3 files are available at Skyrim Nexus, look in the download section. You can use these for mediaplayers and Oblivion if you'd like.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 3: There is a replacer version available over at Skyrim Nexus. I still require some feedback on it, so no guarantees it's super-smooth :).

MORE IMPORTANT STUFF: Please read the full description before asking questions. Thanks.


The idea is that every once and a while this mod will be updated with new tracks. as well as some finetuning of the ones written already. I started writing this stuff about nine months ago, wanting to write music inspired by The Elder Scrolls series, so you'll hear some of the themes and you'll here new ones as well. At all times it should be a musical expansion, not an overhaul, so it's all kind of 'lore-friendly'. This whole ordeal is very time consuming so please don't expect any radical changes on short notice. If you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to share them and I will read every bit of it.

You can listen to some tracks in the menu above and every track in this youtube playlist. --->

- An Easy Way To Check If It Works -

Before you know you're going to have a dragon encounter, or bandit raid or somesuch, save the game. Load it and play until you have the confrontation with the dragon. If you haven't heard a new track after anywhere between 7 and 10 tries, it's not working. The game picks the tracks at random, but after 10 tries you can rule out bad luck.

-Alternative Download -

At Skyrim Nexus you can download a tweaking guide where you can edit this mod yourself by adding or removing tracks and re-assinging them. The entire mod is available there as well in one file.

-Compatibility Issues-

Reported so far: Unnoficial Hearthfire patch conflict, you might need to disable this in order to use this mod.

With other audio adding mods: I have no clue. Try it and get back to me :).

About the mod not working/gamecrashes:

Steam acted up when I tried to download this mod myself, it took 30 minutes to download it and for it to show up in my Data Files, please be patient.

Gamecrashes, that's probably a conflict with another working mod. Although I cannot present you with fixes, as I just know the very basics of the Creation Kit. All I can say is that the mod works on my pc, I don't have any other mods active and that's one of the few references I have so far. I'm truly sorry for any caused inconvenience if it doesn't work, but I can't fix your games for you.

If you would like to report another conflict, feel free to do so, I will try and keep track of them all.

- Other issues -


I know that the volume of the tracks varies from track to track. Please understand that mixing tracks is not an easy process (definitely for us self-educated geeks) and it stays quite unpredictable just how the game will handle the tracks. With a big game like this, where a team of people and a long time go over creating an immersive experience, it is not a small feat to get my low budget material sound somewhat up to par with the original score. For the time being, this is the best I could do and I hope you can all understand that. A big thank you for those that have already stated that they do.


I appreciate everyone for taking the time to listen to the music and forming an opinion. In my own mind my tracks don't match Jeremy Soule's tracks, if it isn't the writing it's the production value. But honestly spoken, it would be somewhat weird if a guy with a daytime job in the social sector, doing this in his spare time would blow the soundtrack of a triple A title out of the water. The popularity of this mod is suprising to me to say the least and although it gives me satisfaction (obviously), I'm aware of the fact that it won't meet everybody's taste and expectations. I'm not 100% happy with it and writing this has been very educational, but I still need to learn quite a lot. If you don't like the mod because it sounds low budget or it reminds you of Battlefield then I'm perfectly ok with it. Nobody is forcing you to use, let alone listen to this thing. If you do like it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :).


I've spotted some request for adding music made by other people. For sake of keeping things simple, I'm not going to do that. If you would like to assemble your own soundtrack, I recommend looking up the Personalized Music Mod made by Aardvarks_Not_Allowed on SkyrimNexus and learning how to use that. It's a great costumization tool and allows you to get out of the way of conflicting mods (but it's time consuming, no denying that).

-Other Notes-

All tracks are released under this license
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