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Star Wars Lightsabers
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Dec 3, 2012 @ 6:30am
May 4, 2014 @ 9:36am
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Star Wars Lightsabers

In 2 collections by Rubat
Robotboy655's Addon Pack
16 items
SRCDS test collection 3
4 items
Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

  • 9 Different hum/idle sounds
  • 3 Different swing sounds
  • 9 Different ignition sounds
  • 14 Different hilts
  • Hit & kill sounds
  • Custom crystal (Blade) colors
  • A SWEP and SENT

Legal information
They took however some editing from me.

Models are from Revan Dark Lightsaber Pack from Jedi Academy, ported by Mr. Charles.
Materials fixed by me.

Information / Usage
This is both a weapon and an entity. You can customize your SWEP by spawning a desired lightsaber with the TOOL. Or, If you don't have the weapon, just spawn one and it will inherit customization values from the tool.

Tool controls:
Left click - Spawn Entity
Right click - Spawn Weapon

Weapon controls:
Mouse 1: Attack / Swing
Mouse 2: Use selected Force type
E + Mouse 1: Scroll Force types forward
E + Mouse 2: Scroll Force types backward
Reload: Toggle Lightsaber

Entity controls:
Use: Toggle Lightsabe

Known bugs
  • Blades don't collide
  • Second blade is only visible for local player
  • May not work perfectly in multiplayer

F.A.Q. / F.R.F.

Add more force powers, Force Lighting
  • All in due time
Add a way to hold 2 lightsabers
  • Not really possible
Add more animations or change current ones
  • Impossible
Add more hilts
  • Not a priority, but planned.
How do I disable 3rd Person View?
  • You can't. The weapon was designed to be 3rd person only.
My blade is not where it is supposed to be!?
  • Report which player model you are using and whether it is happening with double bladed saber in the comments please.
Make NPCs use this SWEP?
  • NPCs can't properly use melee SWEPs.
Double bladed lightsaber?
  • Use the Darth Maul Saberstaff hilt
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Hey B0ss
< >
$vensson$laktaren83 9 hours ago 
de, de e naaajs!
PunCtR 12 hours ago 
Such an amazing mod, you can roll with double edged Dark Sabers :D and since it's technically still work in progress, because bug fixes and the wait for more force abilities, i think ill have a mod to play with for a few months, even years
DJMatrixMax May 24 @ 4:39am 
Why not triple lightsaber?
Rubat, when you're available for freelance work, hmu.
Destrek May 19 @ 3:04pm 
ok thanks
Rubat  [author] May 19 @ 2:33pm 
Uninstall addons that modify your camera.
Destrek May 19 @ 1:29pm 
How do I fix the camera, it is right behind the head?
BreakBorder May 18 @ 4:55am 
How do i extend the lightsaber limit???
The limit is 2???
Static_Ender_EP May 16 @ 12:42pm 
Can you deflect bullets or laser beams with it
Joni5 May 12 @ 5:31pm 
how to i make it like a doubled lightsaber shown on the first picture?