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Feb 12, 2012 @ 2:41pm
Mar 17, 2012 @ 6:34am
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Gives you a Power that lets you whistle for the last horse you rode on, and it will come running. If it is too far away it will be moved to somewhere behind you and run up to you.
Powers are used just like Shouts, but without the cooldown (defaul: Z).

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Apr 1 @ 2:19am
Everytime I whistle, a Death Hound spawns in Morthal
< >
asa9411 Apr 7 @ 5:04am 
that would be sooo nice to be able to choose how many horses i want to summon... My Lydia is able to hide her horse so well (by dismounting it quite far away in the bushes) that i often have to travel to the next known point to get it back again... Thats kinda stressy.
LeynaThePanda Apr 4 @ 1:09pm 
All i can say is that TheCreamKing's idea is amazing and you should really use the idea xD
JUGGY Apr 1 @ 3:35am 
I'm thinking of subscribing to it, but i want to know if you have a sound of whistleing?
arabesqe Mar 31 @ 11:10am 
Simple and very useful, thanks!
TheCreamKing Mar 29 @ 1:36pm 
The whistle should be the one that Gandalf uses to call Shadowfax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_WrJyp-WYI
BetterNerfBoom™ Mar 25 @ 10:50am 
Nice mod!
Benzschwagel Feb 26 @ 12:43am 
don't forget to check the lake in Morthal, to see how many death hounds have spawned, lol
spine_bl4st3r Feb 10 @ 6:03pm 
soooo.......my horse jumped off a cliff yeah, cool mod though
Comandante Phobos Feb 4 @ 6:11am 
wonderful mod, since i use to lose all the horses I buy XD Thank you!
W4ngmunch3r9000 Feb 1 @ 12:45pm 
im guessing this was inspired by red dead redemption, or just cowboys in general.