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Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend
Genre: RPG, Free To Play
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 20, 2012 @ 12:59am
Dec 20, 2012 @ 10:37am
Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend is an RPG that seeks to recapture a long-gone era when games were more than just graphics and FMV cutscenes. They were fun. It takes place on a world that has been nearly torn apart by a war that happened long ago, between thirteen races, of which only a few remain.

CHARACTERS- because it's great to see who we will be playing as.

The main character, Akahr Nazner.
Akahr Nazner is the 21-year old protagonist of Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend. He starts out on a simple journey that soon blows up into something far bigger than he can imagine. He doesn't believe that anyone known as William the Mounteen can exist, and that the mayor of the starting town, Lakeland, is telling tall tales about him with the posters and billboards in his town.

Akahr's particularly adept at Lightning-based attacks and the sword, but is terribly weak to Earth-based attacks.

Thomas, a simple guy with a big friend.
Thomas is still a rather young traveler (19), yet already knows some powerful ice spells. He starts off okay in battle, but quickly falls behind in the brawn race. He seems to be a close friend of William's, and thus Akahr gets into arguments with him early on. He is weak to poison-based attacks.

Jonathan, the effeminate male
Jonathan has a bit of a checkered past in his homeland of South Quashin, and thus seems to be rather emotional. He can be said to be an effeminate male, spending much of his time taking care of his long purple hair, and wearing bright orange and pink armor. He wants to find a traveling party to join to take him away from his misery.

He is well versed in dark-based attacks, but light-based attacks will damage him much more than any other type.

Daniel, one who loves the cold and snow.
Daniel lives in the frigid lands of Sibernia, far to the north of the Quashin continent. Only a few hardy types of plants and animals live in that region. As being part of a sub-species of humans that thrives in the cold, Daniel detests the heat, such as fire spells and deserts. Fire spells will thus do much more damage to Daniel than other members of the party.

Alika, lover of plants and beauty
Alika loves plants. So much so, that she wears a bouquet of flowers around her neck and also on her head. Therefore, she doesn't like cold weather too much, basically the opposite of Daniel. She lives in a small seaside village called Carleton, in the northeast part of the Quashin continent.

She is well-skilled in fire-based attacks and is damaged by water-based attacks.

Maria, beauty of the seas
Maria lives in the western part of Engleland, near Westshore Town. She loves the water, and therefore learns powerful Water spells. She is said to have a love that lives across the sea, in a castle fort... Lightning-based spells can mean her end.

William, the gentle giant
The youngest of all the characters mentioned (appears 16), yet has lived on this world longer than the rest of them combined, William was found in the Lakeside Cliffs area talking with Thomas. Standing over 100 feet tall, he towers over everyone and almost everything.

He knows about Akahr and his mean ways, warning him that if things don't turn around, that he will throw him to the Frigid Sea. Despite saying that, William isn't the type to want to hurt people. Later on, he saves the party from several situations.

William is well-skilled in Earth-based attacks, but is vulnerable to Mental-based attacks. This is unfortunate, as he could become a powerful weapon under someone else's control.

Other Characters:

There are six other minor characters somewhere in the game.


Angels- Heavenly folk that are generally out to protect the world, or watch over certain people. They are practically immortal, and have incredible power.

Aquafolk- They have a vast underwater kingdom, and are humanoids that are part-fish.

Demons- Despite the name, not all demons are pure evil. Some are simply looking out for the best interests of the time. They have varying powers, and can potentially live forever.

Dragons- Flying reptilian creatures that breathe elemental forces, such as fire or ice. They generally live until killed off, or until they are so slow moving, they turn into stone (after a few million years).

Dwarves- Short and stout humanoids, they tend to live underground or in caves. They have incredible physical power for a species almost outsized by Firaths. They can live for hundreds of years as well.

Elves- Humanoids with pointy ears, they tend to have a taller and lighter build, and can live for hundreds of years.

Firaths- Flightless lizard-like creatures that have a flaming tail. They live about fifty to seventy years.

Galespinners- Creatures that constantly spin like a tornado, they are especially fond of the plains. They live until they run out of spinning power, which is after about a hundred years.

Gigans- Massive humanoid beings with incredible power, whether magical, physical or both. The largest of the races. They can live a couple hundred thousand years or so.

Glacens- Large beings covered in ice and snow. When it melts, they look like larger Firaths. They have limited flight power, and can live about a hundred years.

Humans- Most likely like you, unless you are an alien, in which case, congrats on finding a game from hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of years ago. The ones in the Dracos System can use magic and can live about a hundred years.

Thundergels- Rather slimy creatures, that despite what you may think, had their own culture, their own civilization, and were on par with Humans for a while. They can live a few decades, until they solidify and die.

Tinyfolk- Very, very small beings that eke out a life in the grasses and shrubs of the land. They live and die with the seasons. An ancient tinyfolk is considered to have lived over a year.