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Give A Dog A Home
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Oct 19, 2012 @ 8:13pm
Oct 25, 2012 @ 5:49pm
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Requires Dawnguard DLC.

This is a Dawnguard conversion of Give A Dog A Home. It changes Meeko into a husky and fixes the dialogue to be compatible with the husky races. It also fixes the animal dialogue in the follower quest to be compatible with the husky races. It turns Vigilance into an armored husky. And every husky and death hound now respawns and can be recruited as a follower. The dialogue edits will not affect the follower quest, so this will not conflict with any follower mods. If you are upgrading versions, make sure this replaces the vanilla version.

For details about Give A Dog A Home, visit the original mod page:

Give A Dog A Home by Flatline

If you have Hearthfire, check out Family Pet Fix, (you'll need it if you want a husky to join your family):
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jconnell1735 11 hours ago 
great mod but can u move dogs into playerhomes??
jconnell1735 11 hours ago 
If you dont want meeko to die just download invincable dogs
DaRollinThunder 2.0 Jul 16 @ 8:35pm 
Everytime I go up to the dog it says I already have a creature with me
Armoured-Lemming Jun 13 @ 6:47am 
Want it, need it, have to have it <3
Eviscerator May 31 @ 10:23pm 
Does Meeko respawn since it says that "all husky respawn"?
ToolPackinMama May 6 @ 9:40pm 
It works perfectly for me, thanks a lot.
Eviscerator Apr 30 @ 5:40pm 
is there a way to get meeko to be invincible because i keep finding his dead body on a road by the shack right after i get attacked nearby by a dragon
Zack McCloud Apr 18 @ 6:54pm 
Prob a mod conflict, although I only have one mod that changes Meeko, but for some reason I encountered Meeko today and he is just the normal dog skin.
cadetpirx Apr 6 @ 8:11am 

disable just turns him invisible. srg if you are so set on getting rid of him, open console, click on the dog, and type markfordelete

then hes gone forever when you go into another room. idk if the command works for npcs but it works for objects
NightShadeX62 Mar 14 @ 6:07pm 
You know there is a mod on I found on Nexxus that pervents all that barking for those who don't want to hear it.. Its called Dawnguard Husky-No Barking by Knuxson. The Husky doesn't come with the mod, the mod just stops them from barking all the time.They still make some whining, panting ect sound but not much barking if any.