Left 4 Dead - The Movie (Part 3)
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We shot this whole 43 minute movie for under $2,000! Also, Colin and I were only 18 and 19 when we started filming this! We filmed almost all of it in the Fall of 2011.

Fun Facts About Part 3!
- This movie was shot for under $2,000.
- The camera we filmed this on cost $800, and the lens $200.
- This movie was over a year in the making! With all the parts (1,2,3) over two
years in the making!
- We used NO MAKEUP on any zombies! (aside from the obvious fake blood)
- We put 3,000+ hours of editing into this beast.
- Jared is played by Sam Loya from videocopilot.net!

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The awesome end credits song is "Colonel Maxwell" by Ives the Band. You can get it here!

The Left 4 Dead channel background is by Jeff Thomas. This guy is amazing!
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IM VERY PLEASED Jun 11 @ 10:58am 
ehh was that the last part? the end i thoght there would be a second part
|Cm| ☤ Ⓓⓞⓖⓔ ☤ May 25 @ 6:37am 
great movie though. good job
NinjaYoshi(+COOL+) May 17 @ 7:37pm 
fuck that movie
NinjaYoshi(+COOL+) May 17 @ 7:35pm 
!there is no tank no charnger wat kind of shit is this!
CONLACOMPU May 3 @ 5:57pm 
me daba ganas de llorar
[CF]»GhosT-Kill« Apr 18 @ 8:39am 

Minecraftek 28 Apr 15 @ 2:28am 
horror ble
Killpace there was a hunter.
So what i think its probaly the best themed game movie i've ever seen
but, yeah no spitter or boomer or smoker
Robert_nelson Dec 22, 2013 @ 11:33am 
killpace Oct 22, 2013 @ 1:02pm 
why no hunter or boomer or spitter or charger