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The Seeker
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 17, 2012 @ 7:44am
Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:18am
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Updated video!
Welcome to The Seeker Greenlight page! It's awesome that you’re here, take a look around! Feedback and ideas are very much welcome and we hope you like what you see!


The Seeker is a story driven first person puzzle / adventure game being developed for PC by FatPancake.

You control a crew member aboard the skyship Storm Dancer. Whilst at high altitude over a remote mountain range known as the Spears a fearsome storm hits, damaging the ship and sending it crashing down onto the jagged peaks below. You wake up amongst the remains of the ship, on the outskirts of an abandoned settlement, the rest of the crew are nowhere to be seen...
*In-game names may change during course of production.

  • Discover and switch between two contrasting worlds; the breathtaking light world with its vivid colours or the claustrophobic dark world with its impenetrable shadows. Each world has a unique visual style, soundtrack and gameplay elements.

  • Wander a mysterious, fascinating and sometimes hazardous landscape. Encounter a myriad of stunning scenery from icy peaks, deep pine forests to crumbling ruins, brought to life using the power of Unreal Engine 3.

  • Explore open gameplay environments where you're free to choose which of the multiple mind bending puzzles and challenges to take on next. Each requiring you to switch between the two worlds in order to utilise specific abilities to complete them.

  • Examine ancient relics, search for concealed secrets and decipher the peculiar white writing daubed manically across the mountainsides of the dark world to aid you in uncovering its mysteries.

  • Uncover an uncompromising and engaging plot in a world filled with warring nations, ships that soar through the skies, forgotten civilizations and a blood soaked history.


For a more in depth look at our development process check out the following:

Devblog -
Facebook -
Twitter - @TheFatPancake
IndieDB -
Official site -


28/10/12 - Thanks for all the comments! Sorry for the lack of replies.

We've just been Exhibiting The Seeker in GameCity (a game festival in Nottingham, UK). So we've had our first play throughs outside of the dev team, and as a result have a huge amount of feedback from that.

Yesterday morning I managed to log on to Steam on my phone and go through all the comments on here, I've noted down all the issues that have been raised.

Audio Levels
I can only apologise for the audio levels on the video and I promise we will be fixing this hopefully in the next few days! I can't do much about my voice sounding boring though CarlinFan, sorry :p

Puzzle Simplicity
The puzzles are extremely simple in this section of the game, we wanted to slowly introduce the mechanic of the game to the you so when the puzzles start to get more complex you know exactly how things work. Hopefully avoiding having to make random guesses.

Dark World Screen Filter
We've had multiple people say the screen filter in the dark world limits the view far to much, so that will be changed. Will be great to get some more feedback on that once we've updated.

Graphics Polish
The graphics will be seeing more polish. As it is now the trees and levers are the most complete assets (apart from a small bug of being able to see snow on the underside of the tree leaves). We're aiming to get all assets to this level.

Linear Gameplay
This section of the game is linear, this again is to show you how exactly the mechanics work, from the comments here it's clear that people would prefer a more open choice of where to go, this fits perfectly in with the feeling of being able to explore we want the game to have. Having areas with multiple puzzles in so you can choose which one to tackle is something we're interested in creating.

The Bells!
The bells will have more of an explanation as the narrative progresses and the comment that pointed out that they signify the start / end of each puzzle (nice spot we hadn't thought of this!), as the puzzles advance we will make sure this is addressed :) we have some ideas but I don't want to say more just yet!

There will be more features to the mechanic making the switch between the dark world and light world more interesting. The comment that mentioned items that can be carried between worlds and items that are persistent between worlds was very interesting, we'll be experimenting with that!

Another comment mentioned characters in the game, we do have plans in this area. We're still working out how exactly we're going to do it as we want to keep the remote, lonely feeling the player has at the start at least for a while!

Game Trailer
The video at the moment is more of a development diary, we'll include a trailer closer to completing the project.

Early Stages
The Seeker is very early in development and we do have a good few months worth of work (at least). But talking to people this early on has already been worth it. Between having people play the game in GameCity over the past few days and all the comments on here we have a huge amount of information to work with to improve the game, so thank you all and keep the comments coming :)

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I've been searching low and high.
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voted :)
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looks great
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scheint ein packendes spiel zu sein
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will see
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sweet, much good work i see here, congrats
Clar Feb 24, 2014 @ 4:44pm 
I hope you can finish this game, it looks amazing
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Świetna grafika