Fangyao Li   Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hi, I am Fangyooooo. The owner of TOP 200 backpacks in TF2 community. Top items seller in TaoBao.
Please read these notes before add me:
1. If you want to negotiate the price I ask in TF2outpost, then do not add me. Please post your offer in OP I will read it ASAP.
2. In most circumstances I cannot accept items offer. As you can see I almost have ever available genuine and strange items in TF2. So my desire for items are not very high.
3. The lvl 7 Scorching Flames Team Captain is not for sale currently.

Feel free to discuss the TF2 market If I have time

卖 门票 精炼 比尔 钥匙 和各种纯正 复古 奇异 货。包里没有不代表没货哦~这个号是用来屯收藏品的~

2.我一般不做特效帽子交易。特效换物品需要 目标物品*1.2+ 价格的特效 来交易。


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Merry Christmas and happy new year !
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Hi there!

If you drop the price of your Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key just a bit, you'll be the top of the listing.
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who are you? I don't know you please don't send me friend requests
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+Rep fast friendly trader
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rep+nice trader, fast and effecient