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Turjav Mar 14 @ 5:43pm 
His friend fidjil also has a VAC ban so it looks like there is an actual "community" of cheaters on Steam. BTW, does anyone know how to contact the moderators? I see the list of moderators but not how to contact them.

Fingers Mar 14 @ 1:21pm 
I reached out to another steam employee who deleted my message. I am in need of help and the help section of steam is not providing me with any information. Can you please help me?
Turjav Mar 14 @ 10:12am 
Seline Mar 14 @ 9:58am 
I suggest you report hackers/cheaters on Steam Moderator. And, make sure you include his Steam ID, profile, and link to it.
Turjav Mar 14 @ 9:11am 
There is a player named "opajack" aimbotting in Call of Duty WWII. His account already has a VAC ban yet he is still able to play this game. (Presumably his previous ban was for a different game.) Report him everyone!