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Freely add me for more friends of: Zombie Army Trilogy by Rebellion.

For trading purpose, please leave a comment also after adding me so I know why you add me in the first place.

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If you're trade-banned, VAC-banned or tagged negatively on , don't bother to trade with me.

Thanks and good day.

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If you're going to send me a trade request for Dota 2/Gift items, just use this link .

If you wish to trade your cards with mine, as long as I have dupes and same type (e.g your dupe Anodyne cards for mine), then directly send the request. 1:1 fair trade acceptable.

Please do not lowball else I block you.

I also have the following keys up to trade 3/3/2015:


Leave me a message if you wish to purchase these keys, I have the best price for you

For Steam Gifts:

- Sanctum 2 for 2 keys
- Just Cause for 1 key
- Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 for 2 keys

You can get keys from Steam Marketplace: .
Gifts are only for keys - I do not accept money or cards.
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A decent 3D action hack and slash game ridden with bugs.

Game's beautiful, as to be expected from Ninja Theory. Very detailed background and level designs, fascinating post apocalyptic feeling. Despite being good, though, graphic settings are just few. If you're that hardcore, then enjoy the lack of AA settings for the start. Not only that, you can only set up but few only - Gamma, Quality, Blur, Motion Blur and Vsync. If you have higher res monitor, then you're out of luck... natively. There's a way to set up manually, check here:

Gameplay is similar to DmC Devil May Cry, just less chaotic. Enemies are but few in one battle, you just have to beat them using limited combo and blocking/evading.

Story wise, you will be forced to escort your annoying girl named Trip. She'll tie you down with that headband and forces you to help her. Though, despite being annoying, you can use her helping hands to distract enemies temporarily or to heal you. Some missions require you to explicitly protect her from harm or you'll die if she dies and the story will revolve around that.

Oh did I mention the game's very linear? Not open world in the slightest? Overall, no revolutionary mechanic for gameplay and/or story, far below Batman Arkham series or DmC Devil May Cry.

Then there's RPG element. If you gather enough exp, you can upgrade your abilities. Don't expect complex skill trees, but at last there's an alternative for your build and playstyle.

For playing the game controller's super recommended. Unfortunately Unreal Engine is garbage at picking up older controllers, so most likely you'll see your buttons reversed if it's Dinput. Xinput is doing fine, though. MK/B is... err.. forget it. Just play with controller.

Now here's the catch, progression blockers are everywhere. If you're caught in it, restart your game and try from last checkpoints. Game is saved automatically periodically so you won't lose much progress, it's just the blockers are beyond annoying if it's not solved as fast as possible after restart.

Overall, great game to play, but not worth full price due to rater shallow gameplay mechanic, bugs ridden game and rather poor port. At this moment of writing, it's 75% off and I can fully recommend you at that price.

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How To Prevent Intro Rebellion/Opening Video From Appearing
By zeroxxx
A fix for low volume problem (Windows 7 tested with Realtek soundcard)
By zeroxxx
A fix to pass through graphical glitches when you start the game on Optimus laptops.
By zeroxxx
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