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Just some pyro main from   Burlington, Vermont, United States
       •● P R O U D - T O - B E - A - B R O N Y ●•

"All my reliable ringers are all f**king Overwatch players now"- B4nny

None of my pyro stuff is for sale.

Please comment before adding me and or if you're unable to add me if my friends list is full otherwise I'll ignore your request unless I recognize you.

If you're a scammer, don't even bother trying to add me. Instead, uninstall TF2 and steam and then throw your PC in the closest pond or river. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself for intentionally going out of your way to trick people and steal others' unusuals/valuable items.

Please don't message me between 11:00 PM est and 6:00 AM est. Thanks.

My Battle.net name is Minion#12730

Comp Experience:

S19: Freshly Picked FiGs: Head Co-Leader, Engie/Pyro sub (4-4)

S20: Pinkie's Party Squade: Head Leader, Starting Engie (4-4)

S21: Pinkie's Meme Dream Team: Leader, Starting Pyro (3-5)

S22: Pinkie's Meme Dream Team: Leader, Starting Pyro

S22: Freshly Picked FiGs: Scout Main/Sub

S23: Nothing :(

S24: Kore4n's Kringe Krew: Medic Sub

RGL.gg 7's:
S1: Meat Connoisseurs: Multi-Class

Bestie :3

My pyro twin :3

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We got a pregame
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We don't scrim on Sundays
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