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Burlington, Vermont, United States
       •● P R O U D - T O - B E - A - B R O N Y ●•

"All my reliable ringers are all f**king Overwatch players now"- B4nny

I'm a 19 year-old comp TF2 brony from the Boston area who's currently going to college in Vermont.

Please comment before adding me and or if you're unable to add me if my friends list is full otherwise I'll ignore your request unless I recognize you.

If you're a scammer, don't even bother trying to add me. Instead, uninstall TF2 and steam and then throw your PC in the closest pond or river. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself for intentionally going out of your way to trick people and steal others' unusuals/valuable items.

Please don't message me between 11:00 PM est and 6:00 AM est. Thanks.

My Battle.net name is Minion#12730

Comp Experience:

S19: Freshly Picked FiGs: Head Co-Leader, Engie/Pyro sub (4-4)

S20: Pinkie's Party Squade: Head Leader, Starting Engie (4-4)

S21: Pinkie's Meme Dream Team: Leader, Starting Pyro (3-5)

S22: Pinkie's Meme Dream Team: Leader, Starting Pyro

S22: Freshly Picked FiGs: Scout Main/Sub

S23: LFT

S24: PandaTrain: Scout Sub

Bestie :3

My pyro twin :3

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Some things I hope to accomplish as a pyro and in trading:
-Make all my pyro stranges prof ks with team shine and flames
-Get an unusual pyromancer's mask (disco beat down, cloud 9, or burning flames preferably)
-Get an unusual charmer's chapeau (disco beat down, cloud 9, morning glory, or burning flames preferably)
-Get a morning glory brigade helm by the end of May and then a scorching flames brigade helm by the end of 2017
-Get a Fountain of Delight Balloonibouncer

-Become better at using all pyro secondaries (I suck at flare punching tbh)
-Improve my consistency and always being aware of the weak spots in my game in order to become a higher level pyro
-Become better at choosing when to commit to fights/finishing off opponents
-Have better awarness and being able to do multiple things at once and being able to switch from one task to another quickly (example: Reflecting rockets/spam and then going back to spy checking in a split second)
-Become better at denying demo spam (tracking down and airblasting pills is harder than it looks, trust me)
-Become better at remembering not to overextend/play aggresively during spy time in order to protect the medic and the combo
-Not being afraid to take risks in order to protect/support my team

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Trouser Snivy Apr 25 @ 7:42pm 
Hey, I'm friends with the guy that just added you a few minutes ago to spout memes or something at you, very sorry about that, he's actually very nice. But you're actually pretty famous around here, not sure why, so we thought, instead of talking about you a lot, we'd invite you over to play some MGE sometime or something. Rye plays pyro too, so you could get a good pyro v pyro out of him, and I do soldier if you wanted to practice reflects. Gunboats soldier, so you could get some solid practice off me without getting shotgunned out.
Fluffy Apr 24 @ 9:10am 
Added to discuss soldier tryout.
[PMDT] "Minion" |PMOTF2 Apr 22 @ 1:26pm 
Let me know if a spot opens up. We'd love to have you as one of our mentors. :)
[PMDT] "Minion" |PMOTF2 Apr 22 @ 1:26pm 
dK Karl Apr 22 @ 1:25pm 
sorry, I don't have time for any new mentees
Flamekit Apr 21 @ 3:46pm 
♫You're the best, around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down!♫