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17:38 - cat: i put in a job application to be a tsa agent
17:38 - kody: gross
17:38 - kody: you can touch dicks and get paid all day
17:38 - kody: like a high class whore!
17:38 - kody: NICE
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i play tf2. my favorite classes are demo and scout. i'm bad at both. i like adding random nerds i meet in games, so if i added you out of the blue, it's probably because i thought you were cool. or i might be trying to get a scrim for my team.

feel free to add me.

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youtube channel i hardly ever upload to

computer stuff
(because i forget)

i7-7700 @ 3.60 GHz
GTX 1060 3GB
Zowie FK mouse
keyboard and monitor aren't anything special

vaporwave/lo-fi playlist

where did you sleep last night?
the last time
99 problems
evil ways
the hard sell
domino the destitute
sunday rain
feel it still


srs: drumroll
srs: *tf2 deleted*
srs: confetti

illusions of rapture : a group of faggots is called a catalyst

03:20 - kody: Sad
03:20 - kody: Im 80% convinced it isnt even you anymore and youre just a meme post

"I wanna swallow you both at the same time. That'd be hilarious." - Icy 2015

"I'm not the one that gets whipped. I live in Alabama." - Icy 2017

19:06 - Creo: I left my computer to be a fucking farmer

"madelyn put it in me" - icy 2017

23:07 - robot caesar: i like singing your name to the tune of rudolph
23:07 - Stockman! the Headshot Hacker: what in the world

"It's an ice cream shop. They dont have cubicles." - Madelyn
"No, but they have ICE cubicles." - Serious

23:01 - Waltz #2 (XO): i think stphen is very timid publicy
23:01 - Waltz #2 (XO): but once in private
23:02 - Waltz #2 (XO): he is very kinky

19:05 - weeabo_nerd: dude so like i was in the shower
19:05 - weeabo_nerd: and i just got why your alaram is chop suey
19:05 - weeabo_nerd: it went right over my head

23:42 - time consumer: cheddar jalapeno cheetohs > flamin hot
23:43 - FEELIN' GOOD: no
23:43 - time consumer: yessssssssssssssssssssss
23:43 - FEELIN' GOOD: i shoudln't have accepted your friend request

21:36 - kody: tfw the hat economy crashes so you have to take it out on your game friends

16:48 - dress rehearsal rag: so i went and fed my fish
16:48 - dress rehearsal rag: cutebois
16:48 - DISCO! ❅Icy: heh yeah
16:48 - DISCO! ❅Icy: more like cutekois

"Anyone who's ever mained pyro should just die." - Madelyn
"Well I will die one day, don't worry. :)" - Icy

11:04 - DISCO! ❅Icy: if you had an lft thread it could be like selling a car or something
11:05 - DISCO! ❅Icy: "spawn to pack in just 7 seconds"

01:12 - "special" cat: dude send me some money
01:14 - kody: no
01:14 - kody: i need it
01:14 - kody: i dont send money to "special" people
01:15 - kody: i aint no march of dimes tiffany

02:43 - DISCO! ❅Icy: u don't run me
02:43 - DISCO! ❅Icy: except you do
02:43 - DISCO! ❅Icy: bc I played pocket
02:43 - DISCO! ❅Icy: then i went back to scout

*DEAD* Outback SteakHouse : disco you spawncamping little shit

05:59 - Memedyln: like i almost hurt my shoulder i was beating it so hard

16:20 - =ity 7-2521: Everytime there is a 5cp map i take out my Eureka Effect and screech autistically

PurryKitty : why do you want to kick that player?
GO CAVS! : he wont join my mumble
PurryKitty : you're such a child XD

03:59 - cat: buy me a luger
03:59 - kody: no
03:59 - kody: its the one thing the germans did wrong

02:45 - kody: happy fathers day
02:45 - kody: daddy
02:45 - kody: wait
02:45 - kody: its
02:45 - kody: still saturday
02:45 - kody: well that was gay for no reason then
02:45 - kody: fuck

17:03 - cat: school's hard
17:03 - cat: life's hard
17:03 - cat: i'm alright tho
17:04 - Sunshine: are you hard too?
17:04 - cat: always

01:09 - catalyst: very conflicted i see
01:10 - ❅Icy~ has changed their name to very conflicted icy.

00:33 - kody: youve known me longer than ive known me

14:00 - DISCO! ❅Icy: why the fuck are you still in mumble cunt

13:18 - Pigby: put me in coach
13:18 - wrong side of the road: i don't even wanna be in
13:18 - Pigby: good point
13:18 - Pigby: see you next year
13:18 - wrong side of the road: o7

23:43 - kody: im sexually attracted to the sound it makes when someone says ya'll
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Creo Oct 31 @ 7:45pm 
I am sick of witches being wrongfully potrayed and mocked by everyone, especially by little fucking kids. EVERY. SINGLE. HALLOWEEN.
Firstly, I am a real wiccan, it's my ancestory and I've been aware of my differences since a very early age and yes, I do practice REAL magic and no, I don't wear a black pointy hat and no, I don't wear a puffy dark dress and fly a broom ( and if anyone had any education on witchcraft they'd know real witches don't need a broom to fly).
Secondly, I'm just letting everyone know that if you come trick or treating at my house in a witch costume I will consider it a form of hate crime. I don't care if that sounds silly, bc when you have as strong beliefs as I do and constantly see them being belittled it fucking hurts.
Oh, and final warning, I have mastered in dark magic which means I know a few harmful spells hehe, and if worst comes to worst I will not hesitate to use them.
Glaistig Uaine Oct 29 @ 5:37pm 
added for tfcl
davis_nerd Oct 28 @ 6:54pm 
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKELETON
Creo Oct 17 @ 12:20am 
I see you've decided to park in front of my house. Well I don't give a shit if you have a parking pass, this curb is MINE. EYE worked my ass off to buy this house, and EYE have been parking in front of it for decades. Nobody else, especially a little college shit like you. I need the entire curb length for my truck, my garbage bins and my yard trimmings. So this is a neighborly notice that if you continue to take my fucking spot, I will wreck you. I know where you live. You'll be gasping for air as you bleed out of every goddamn hole. I was in Khe Sanh, you little shithead I didn't fight for this fucking country so a bookboy like you could park on the curb in front of my house. I swear to God almighty that I will fuck you up with a wooden spoon if I see your shitty car parked here again. And my best friend is the police commissioner, so don't even try it.
Flashy Oct 14 @ 3:47pm 
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKELETON
Creo Oct 14 @ 1:44am 
So you comment on my profile after you lose, I simply respond to your comment, and I'm the weird one? lol anyways I'm sure I'll see ya again sometime. Keep an eye for all my binds, not just the one that tilts you. I go after all my enemies. If you're ever lucky enough to be on the same team, you'll see