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If you see what's in your mind clearly and understand the power your thoughts have, then you understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset; because they think reality is something happening to them, rather than something they are making every moment with every thought.
- Homestuck []

About me

Name: Jake / Crimson / Crim
Birthday: 18th of July, 1997
Gender: Male
Personality: INFJ-T []/ Page of Blood [] (Take the tests here 16 Personalities []/ Homestuck [])
Profile Picture by: Me (Alternate textures done by Deep Dream Generator).
Likes: Avali [], friends, imaginary friends, red things, alternate universes, programming, video games
Dislikes: Religion, being alone, crowds
Favorite Movie: Treasure Planet
Favorite Book: A Confusion of Princes
Most Influential Game: Drawn to Life
Relationship Status: Single
Open Relationship: Never. I refuse.
Orientation: Demi-Pan
Specs: Windows10 64 bit, Intel Core i7 Gen 6, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970m, 16GB RAM
Miscellaneous info: Has aspergers [] and unconventional beliefs .

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Dragons are still better.
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