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Team Fortress 2: Main: Shpee :3
Favourite Anime: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
Favourite Pokemon: Gardevoir
Favourite Anime Character: Chitoge Kirisaki

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UGC S21 nbeeg
UGC S22 Metanoia (9th)
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About Me ^.^
Haii ^.~
This is just a short introduction to who I am, if you like to know more, feel free to add me ^^

❥ I'm 16 years old
❥ Born on 12th Feburary 2001 :D
❥ Typical Anime Fan, so most probably wouldn't know as much as any weeaboo/otaku reading my profile

Many of you may know me as Neko™ but I've decided to change my name so that it'll be easier for others to find me :3 (Ametrine's a combination of Amethyst & Citrine ^-^)

❥ Online: Forgot to change my status or using my handphone :P
❥ Busy: Doing something else (possibly playing Overwatch :3), but will most probably reply to your message
❥ Away: AFK
❥ In-Game: Will always reply you unless in competitive csgo match. Which I will inform you first.
*Do not bother to invite me for a game when my status is "Away" or "Busy". I'll just have to decline such offer.
❥ #busyperiod: Most probably busy with real life activities such as examinations or admin work. I'll still reply to any messages, however, I won't be able to fulfill any of your requests to play with you. My gaming time is scarce whenever this tag is on.

❥ Currrently aiming to get my steam level to 20, so I can add a screenshot showcase (If you have any spare steam trading cards, please donate)
❥ To become a UGC Platinum Shpee :D
❥ Trying to main scout so that I can play 6s as well :3

If I didn't accept your friend request or remove you from friends' list...
❥ Your profile was private making me believe you're going to send me phishing links
❥ You were below level 2, same reason as above ^
❥ You kept begging for items
❥ When I'm clearing my friends' list

❥ I mainly play Team Fortress 2
❥ I only play Left 4 Dead 2 whenever I have someone else to play with :P
❥ I'm currently playing Borderlands 2 and I'm getting quite addicted to it XD. Have quite a few legendaries/pearlescents I can trade ^^
❥ I do play Portal 2 at times, not so often but I'm willing to play when I have someone else to play with XD
❥ Sadly, I've stopped playing csgo
❥ I've started playing Overwatch, so if you see my status being busy, I may be playing that game as well :P
❥ I main da Shpee :3, Secondary Classes are the Snipah and Solly :D

~Favourite Animes~
❥ Nisekoi <3
❥ Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
❥ A Certain Scientific Railgun

Life is like a piano, white keys represents happiness and black keys represents sadness. But in life remember that the black keys make music too.
~Kousei Arima

The circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant, it's what he does with the gift of life that determines who he is

Everyone has an ability. And it means that everyone should use that ability to the fullest.
~Chitoge Kirisaki

Love is just an arbirary series of chemical reactions, in reality, we are just isolated dust particles lost in the massive black void that neither cares about nor acknowledges our existance
~Ian Hecox

~UGC Logs~
❥ S21 Highlights: &

❥ S22 Highlights &

~Trade Offers~
All kinds of donations accepted (including crates :P), just send me a trade offer:

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