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All hail King Neptune and his water breathers.

the end of the shoelace is called the aglet

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in russia, i am known as микноп
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i'm an idiot

if it's sunday i might not be online

my friends

zety - absolute unit
cookies - absolute unit
arch - absolute unit
watermelons - bees
tommy - absolute unit
dark - made profile pic


these are a few of my favourite things

favourite colour is waluigi purple

pirates are neat

waluigi is the best nintendo character

Lord Cookies is now Online.
Lord Cookies: you are the reason oranges need to be peeled

Cookies: i may be an edgy
Cookies: sad pathetic
Cookies: 50s reject
Cookies: but
Cookies: atleast i'm different
Cookies: i may make promises that i don't keepb
Cookies: but atleast i'm not a sad pathetic living meme that only ever gets used
Cookies: i don't have to sit there and wish that i could do something
Cookies: i CAN go and do something
Cookies: i have fucking charisma
Cookies: and people like me
Cookies: i may break promises but i don't need you
Cookies: i don't need you at all
miknop™: you know who else had charisma
miknop™: hitler my dood
Cookies: yeah
Cookies: you know what hitler did?
miknop™: genocide
Cookies: he went down in history
Cookies: you know what miknop did?
Cookies: faded out of reality
Cookies: left
Cookies: nothing
miknop™: correct
Cookies: because he is a sad, pathetic, cog in the machine
Cookies: but me
Cookies: i'll leave something
miknop™: but at least i got to play ksp
Cookies: because i'm not like everyone else
Cookies: i've got a story to tell
Cookies: i've got a life that people actually want to hear about
Cookies: i
Cookies: am
Cookies: not
Cookies: average
Cookies: therfore
Cookies: people fucking care
Cookies: unlike
Cookies: you
miknop™: okay
miknop™: well
miknop™: can you buy me kerbal space program, narcissus?
Cookies: fuck
Cookies: you

miknop™: guess what's better than cowboys
Cookies: dick

InTheDark: you try and shoot the clothes off anime babes
miknop™: hawt
InTheDark: well the problem is im asexual

Cookies has changed their name to Miknop suks.
Miknop suks: fuck you

Cookies: komodo dragons are like fuckin
Cookies: really big mosqitos

Cookies: when you don't know what anyone is saying so you just laugh and agree
miknop™: haha yes

Cookies: anyways
Cookies: you gotta be a wolf
Cookies: not a bear
Cookies: i am the bear
Cookies: i am the goat
miknop™: you are my favourite person
Cookies: do not fight the mighty goat
Cookies: i will charge you
Cookies: i am the goat
Cookies: but also the bear
Cookies: i am the goat-bear

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6:58 PM - miknop™: i sure love anime
miknop is weeb confirmed
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5:36 PM - miknop™: furry porn is hot
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3:47 PM - Cookies: Traps are gay
3:48 PM - miknop™: i found some pretty neato gay furry porn earlier
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Im studying Human Sciences in school they said to come to this steam link i thought "wow how acurate it describes all that is wrong with humanity" -Love Dark