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Explaining a joke is like performing an autopsy because it's dead the moment you need to explain it.

Currently LFT Med HL

Medic main for silver/ESEA open 6s team StarStruck

Medic main for 4s team Hex Grills

Highlander Experience:

Medic main for iron Blackjack and Hookers (7-3) S19 (6th place)
Medic main for steel Blackjack and Hookers (6-3) S20 (7th place)
Medic main for silver Second Wind (11-1) S21 (1st place)
Medic main for silver Blackjack and Hookers (4-4) S22

6's Experience:

Medic main for iron 6's team The 94's (4-4) S21
Medic sub for steel team The Bessemer Process (6-3) S22 (7th place)
Medic sub for steel team Barbara's Bush Boys (5-1) S23
Medic main for silver team StarStruck (4-4) S24

4's Experience:

Medic main for steel team The Squad (8-3) S9 (3rd place)
Medic main for steel team Rich and the Chiggas (4-4) S10
Medic main for steel team Hex Grills (6-3) S11

TricksMix: I FULLY and COMPLETELY intend to show up in your "quotable conversations on your profile, btw!
TricksMix: ONE DAY!

Danger Ham: haha there's my ass and now it's gone
Danger Ham: how am I gonna shit now

Lorgon | Blackjack: I know
Lorgon | Blackjack: I didn't want to do it on that book for that very reason
Kumimasen: yup
Kumimasen: good luck
Lorgon | Blackjack:
Kumimasen: ...
Kumimasen: no
Kumimasen: that's my thing
Lorgon | Blackjack: ?
Kumimasen: !
Lorgon | Blackjack: .
Kumimasen: ..
Lorgon | Blackjack: ...
Kumimasen: ...!
Lorgon | Blackjack: ...
Kumimasen: ..
Lorgon | Blackjack: .
Kumimasen: !
Lorgon | Blackjack: ?
Kumimasen: that's my thing
Kumimasen: no
Kumimasen: ...
Lorgon | Blackjack:
Kumimasen: good luck
Kumimasen: yup
Lorgon | Blackjack: I didn't want to do it on that book for that very reason
Lorgon | Blackjack: I know

Danger Ham: I got 40 mad milks
FL Lorgon -TPF-: didn't you sell them?
Danger Ham: nope
Danger Ham: gonna sell them for a key when I get enough
FL Lorgon -TPF-: Are you going to name yourself the milk mann and give out only milk?
Danger Ham: gonna take a long ass time
Danger Ham: maybe
Danger Ham: but for mow
Danger Ham: now
Danger Ham: I must shuffle around this map
Danger Ham: like a very old man
Danger Ham: I'm gonna become the guy with 10 backpack slots filled with mad milk

Lorgon -TPF-: I'm gonna go shoot people
Lorgon -TPF-: And it's gonna be like
Lorgon -TPF-: Pow!
Lil Bits O' Ham: put away the gun
Lorgon -TPF-: POW!
Lil Bits O' Ham: thats illegal
Lil Bits O' Ham: STOP

Lorgon | Blackjack: SEVEN PENCE
Lorgon | Blackjack: SEVEN PENCE
Lorgon | Blackjack: SIX PENCE
Lorgon | Blackjack: SEVEN PENCE

Danger Ham: if I cut my foot off and hit you in the head with it, am I kicking or hitting you?
Lorgon -TPF-: Both?
Danger Ham: Or am I mentally scarring you
Lorgon -TPF-: All three

FL Lorgon -TPF-: OH CRAP
Kumimasen: your what
Kumimasen: wat
Kumimasen: that was really fucking random i hope you know that

Kumimasen: just get on the server
Lorgon: Oh yeah
Lorgon: New map, right?
Kumimasen: and you can speak instead of the peasant typing
Kumimasen: yeah
Lorgon: peasant typing
Lorgon: lol

FL Lorgon -TPF-: I like how your character is like "oh no, they took my son! I need to save him...after I build some settlements up. And wait for some melons to grow."
Kumimasen: "Mum, shouldn't you be looking for Shawn-" "WHO THE FUCK IS SHAWN?"

Kumimasen: what game should I play while it downloads
B&H | Lorgon: Super hexagon
Kumimasen: I fucking knew you would say that
Currently Online
Amazing conversations/quotes
"My fish is going into little twisty turns out of its disapproval of your fish rocket." -Me

"Is it bad that I just figured out why this map is called lakeside?" -Me

"Demo took yx+b!" (Best callout I've ever heard)

Paul: Okay Lorgon, how good is the team we're versing?
Me: Uh...we're playing on Borneo.

Danger Ham: I like sending kumi out of context things just to confuse him
Danger Ham: like
Danger Ham: They were subjected to the brawl, the mooning, and all those fights involving the chicken costume

UPSA | Team Pyro: you and i
UPSA | Team Pyro: we'll have fastpasses to hell

B&H | Chester: its fucking retarded
B&H | Chester: its so overly retarded its insulting to retards
B&H | Chester: its a fastpass to retard hell

Lorgon: I can't hear you it's too dark in here
stiGGy: i can't see you it's too loud in here
Garnco: I cant type it's too quiet

Kumimasen: Anatidaephobia
B&H | Lorgon: what is that
Kumimasen: the fear that a duck is watching you i believe

Danger Ham: I just sold my soul to satan for aids
B&H | Lorgon: what
Danger Ham: I said I sold mt soul for aids
B&H | Lorgon: Why
Danger Ham: i was bored

"That was the sound of Jesus being made." -Stig

"No! Not today, not on my watch! *dies* Oh...I dropped my watch." -Paul

"I give it an F for effort." -Paul

"I got backstabbed so hard that I got autobalanced." -Phiz

"I'm sending all of you jew trucks!" -Stig

"Oh boy, a jew truck!" -Sarge

"Hey, Stig, I sent you more jews." -Sarge

"Oh god, the shark has a wrench!" -Paul

"What's a ramjam?!" -Paul

"What the fuck is a ramjam?!" -Sarge

"I'd give you a sandvich, but you know, too viable." -Paul (6s game)

"Ha! Such a difficult game!" *dies* "Oh..." -Paul

"Well, Lorgon, I guess it's just you and me..." *dies* "Well, Lorgon, I guess it's just you..." -Paul

"I would have destroyed you and landed on your broken pieces of pyro." -Sarge

"This candy bar tastes like a furniture store." -Paul

"Freaking panda tornadoes, get out of here!" -Paul

"If there are two medics I will unplug my stairs and I will unplug my sink and I will unplug my stove. DON'T TEST ME." -Sarge

"You're literally taking what I'm saying and retiring it! You can't do that!" -Paul

"Oh no THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT BUTTON!" -Sarge (Famous last words)

(After the meat your match update) "Well, then, I'm just gonna play a pub - oh." -Paul

"That's right, you're dead! That's what happens when you go against the best-oh, I died." -Paul

"Crandom crits!
If you put that on your profile you're going to have a book thrown at you!" -Paul

Me: "What if every time you clicked your medal, you got one exp?"
*makes a ton of loud clicking noises*
"It didn't work!"

LMM: "We work so well together!"
Paul: "It's almost like we're on a team or something!"

Paul: "Turn your phone down, we're in a movie theater!"
Me: "That's going on my profile."
Paul: "What? You're being loud and we're trying to watch a movie."

"My cube has an octopus core and it's hard to put back together." -LMM
"I have a sea urchin core and that thing is impossible to put together." -Phiz

"It's not fake, it's just not real." -Danger Ham

"777. We won, we won the lottery." -Danger Ham

"Mars has 10% of the amount of mass that the Earth has. This means the Earth is obese." -Buttface

"You had such a good team and I had bugs!" -Buttface

"Oh no, the demo took the health pack...... This game is dumb. I don't like it." -Paul

"You can't orbit the pumpkin, the pumpkin orbits you." -Paul


"You play pyro and that hurts my soul!" -Paul

"I don't know how, but my sandvich is stuck in the tree." -Paul

"We gotta decorate the tree like it's a christmas tree and the ornaments are sandviches!" -Serp

"I'm gonna make RNG great again." -Phoenix

"The spy decloaked right in front of me like a gift from God." -Phoenix

"You could be ME from an alternate DIMENSION!" -Fox

"Yes, I'm Grandma." -Sarge

"I have regrets...no I don't, actually." -Indigo

"I am freshening my meats!" -Indigo

"I have no idea who you are...I know I'm famous and all but this is kinda weird." -Paul

"WE'RE HOLDING SECOND! It's not that far of a walk! Do some exercise, play pokemon go, do something!" -Paul

Me: "Pombo just told me that he sexually identifies as a lemon."
Paul: "I AM A LEMON!"

"I am triggered! I identify as a black man!" -Phoenix

"Poke-MAN? MAN? Not WOMAN? That's sexist, it should be poke-person!" -Paul

"If you don't die, then you're not dead which means you're not bad." -stiGGy

"Don't be an athlete, paul! You're gonna rape people! You're gonna RAPE!" -stiGGy

"Anti-Mcree: It's low midnight!" -Serp

"Why don't you spend money on the game, Lorgon?! Be like us...actually, don't." -Paul

"Sarge, shut up! Go back to the mountains." -Paul

Jed I: Get on my level!
Sarge: He can't, you have the high ground!

Sarge: I like to taste the fear in the cow.
Phoenix: Right? Like it's still mooing.

"You're dead now, YOU'RE DEAD NOW, YOU'RE - I'm dead, actually, I'm the one dead here." -Paul

"Stig, that's a no-no. That's five minutes in the time-out chair." -Paul

Phoenix: youre basically a man

Phoenix: paul is a feminist
Phoenix: hes projecting

B&H | Lorgon: Hypno was trying to contact you with a stapler telegraph
B&H | Lorgon: Did you get the message
mF. Sarge: no
mF. Sarge: i dont have my stapler with me

Phoenix: im a walking trigger warning

"If you punch yourself and it hurts, does that mean you're weak or strong?" -Paul

"Oh no! They're trying to kill me with math, and it's working! How did they know my weakness?" -Paul

"Are you even trying to speak anymore?" -Kumimasen

"I tried as hard as I could without putting in any effort." -Hypnotictrout

"Oh, and there's an asshole on my ass." -Stigx

"Badwater is my baby!" -Roof

Phoenix: girl isn't even a word for me, except to say that it isnt

Phoenix Rising: oh im not complaining
Phoenix Rising: i love my white privilege
B&H | Lorgon: lol
Phoenix Rising: (get it? its all cause im white obviously)

"Happy cat pops your ubers. Scared cat doesn't pop your ubers, because scared cat respects uber advantage." -Phoenix

"I'm calm cat." -Stigx

Indigo: "We're like a BLT sandwich, we're trio-stacking."
Paul: "I call lettuce!"
Indigo: "I'm bacon...sorry, Jedi."
Jedi: "Aww"

"Blackjack and Hookers is a place where retards go to meet other retards." -stiGGy

B&H | Phoenix Rising: im doing it
B&H | Phoenix Rising: fucking screaming super sayan

“You’re cat’s rude! She doesn’t respect uber advantage!” -Phoenix

"I have at least 1.1% chance of winning, and I like those odds." -Paul

"You don't ask uber how its day is, you just USE it, like how Lucy's using you!" -Phoenix

❤Phoenix Rising❤: i finally read it
❤Phoenix Rising❤: and i get an essay about owl bullshit
❤Phoenix Rising❤: wtffffffffffffffffffffff

"Stop thinking! We're social justice warriors, Lorgon, we don't follow basic rules of logic." -Phoenix

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