Pale echoes of her face;
Through the phases of the moon

You are not a collection of mirrors reflecting what everyone else expects of you. You are self-shattered, Chaos theory in motion, laughing mightily with God’s tongue in your cheek. You declare to the lopsided Apollonian culture, You can have your Apollonian rigidness; I’ll take Dionysian courage and astonish you all.

"As a warrior, no road left but the one that leads to the end!"
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I write not to create, but to exist
I love not to be remembered, but to be destroyed

Too quietly
A poet's heart breaks so easily
So for now I veil myself in words
Rather than reveal myself in silence
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Nioh: Complete Edition
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Well, what can I say? As a reader, I can recommend it to everyone else who reads any sort of material, as a person who was never interested in text based adventures or things like that, I can still highly recommend this game. I saw the 'mostly positive' status of this game's ratings and that HAS to change.

I don't know where to begin, the perfect, dark, black and white shades, for a melancholic and mournful experience such as this one.

You unveil the history of a town, which lies in perhaps a gothic-european architectural spectrum, step by step, verse by painful and beautiful verse.

And what else? It is free to play, give it a try, soak in the words, experience and sorrowful yet exquisitely beauiful adventure.

This game is like a walk through the garden with only dying flowers, and you know, all flowers in this world are dying, so this is as good as it gets.

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The kisses taste like pixels
In this digital isolation
Lines of numbers make my soul
And my heart beats in binary codes
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bohot jyada xDDDD
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Pandey terko cancer hai kya dimaag ka?
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- ◄═════════════▓═► + Luck
Vaisendise Nov 12 @ 6:00am 
oh yes, i've seen where that copy paste originated from. even if it is ironic it's still obnoxious as hell to act this way.
FelineBeaver! Nov 10 @ 4:57am 
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have a nice weekend
Negative_Xtrm Nov 3 @ 9:13am 
Because mai nama Jeff