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Denmark reminded me of a recommendation I completely forgot; I think the game I wanted to do here played the most important single role of all things which made me mostly friendly! here you go (or google). its okay, bluebyte went bankrupt, you got to dl it. DOSBOX for sound because windows 95 (did I forget an emulator or something, dunno anymore because win8 and whatnot), lotsa reading. its really more fantasy than scifi. alltho Im not so sure after the ending ;) I wouldnt search for cheats or tips, or even the story first time through, then you can ask me if you want, theres some loveable interesting stuff but I THINK you can figure it all out yourself if you "listen" closely.

I dont play nice with ignorance. it bores me. arrogance is very ignorant too. yes, even the dr house version. Im just a so called hard player who likes to do goofy things but has so little time that he hardly does. Im not charming yet so youll prolly hate my bones xD Id say Im an autist but Ive never seen one who makes hostile peeps leave worse than they came, so take your pick.

I love philosophy and psychology so gaming wise I love portal. half life is wonderful action. I hardly play anything tho cus new parts wont come (all artistic freedom to valve!!!!! *teethclench*) the only multiplayer I do is Im foremost an alien swarm nut (just my computer usually doesnt manage) and while it looks great, Im so bored by the standard campaign by now. Im more a friend of mindless brute force shooting to defend some position, or actually get out of my hole and take the invasion on like berserk! (and live xD) *heavy weapon guy voice* OOOOOOMnoomnoomnoomnom!

besides, east steam groups be adding me in a spree, somebody is doing that! stop it? or at least make them write something in english because Im german xD srsly xp

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