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sphynx Jun 18 @ 11:31am 
May I ask how did you make that blueish Pip-Boy look on the Prudy mod screenshots? Is that a mod or a custom setting of yours? Cheers from Italy \m/
Elianora Jun 18 @ 6:49am 
Thank you! :D
Punk Foxy Jun 17 @ 7:21am 
I can't wait to support you and more modders by enjoying future content of creation club, nexus will be always community's main hub of modding. i see as nexus as main pie and creation club the coffee that belong with it. stay awesome Elianora!
「Kalafonte」 May 23 @ 10:13pm 
Heya. I see you keep your friends list small and don't take random invites, but I really wanted to say one thing. I downloaded your Sanctuary Bunker Player Home. Now, when the game first came out, being a guy I ended up playing through the main story as a male. Recently though, I started a heavily modded playthrough as Nora instead of Nate. My whole roleplay deal was, I was /going/ to play Nate but since he dies, his wife Nora takes over as the PC. And when I read the description of your mod, and how you even named the footlocker 'Nates Locker', I really appreciated it :). Before I downloaded your mod, I already restored the player's home to the best of my ability, and placed Army Fatigues, Helmet, Laser Rifle (since he seems to use it in the opening cutscene) and medical items inside the locker. It was a sort of, 'shrine' I guess. I know, super edgy and lore-tastic. Anyway, thank you so much for this bunker mod!
ShadowWing Apr 16 @ 7:04pm 
Hey I don't know if you remember me, you added me once an even added some of my suggestion to one of your amazing houses! Anyway you later removed me for good reason I suppose and I never really said thanks it's been like a few years you put me in the description (my old name) when I used to think I was clever now I know the name was stupid as shit... Okay so that's about that I guess. - ShadowWing
Nekomancer Apr 10 @ 12:47pm 
I was wondering if i could commission you to make a house mod for me (i would pay for it of course) If so let me know and ill give you the details of what id like. Thank you for your time.