UGC 6v6 Head Admin
Retro player born and raised in Beer City, USA.

"I'm the boss like M-dot-Bison, game over."
"Realest motherf---er in the game like Tron..."

Competitive Experience
UGC HL Season 4 Steel: Critsandvich Deli (spy)
UGC HL Season 5 Plat: RANCH (backup) *3rd Place*
UGC HL Season 6 Steel: Critsandvich Network (backup)
UGC HL Season 7 Steel: hyphy (spy)
UGC HL Season 8 Steel: hyphy (spy)
BSG LAN Fall 2012: the darlings (medic)
ETF2L HL Season 3 2A: Distinguished Ducks (backup) *2nd Place*
UGC 6s Season 11 Silver: hyphy (medic)
CEVO Season 1 Open: Vicious and Delicious (medic)
UGC HL Season 9 Plat: Quality Control (backup)
UGC 6s Season 12 Plat: Institute of Oral Love (medic)
UGC HL Season 10 Gold: RANCH (spy) *1st Place*
ETF2L HL Season 4 2A: Distinguished Ducks (backup)
UGC 6s Season 13 Plat: Panic Draws Pretty Pictures (backup) *3rd Place*
UGC HL Season 11 Plat: RANCH (spy)
UGC 6s Season 14 Gold: Drawtism (scout)
UGC HL Season 12 Gold: SPACEBEARS (spy/medic)
UGC 6s Season 15 Plat: The Midnight Muffin Society (backup)
UGC HL Season 13 Plat: SPACEBEARS (medic)
UGC 6s Season 16 Plat: Subliminal (backup) *2nd Place*
UGC HL Season 14 Gold: SPACEBEARS (medic)
UGC 4s Season 3 Silver: Tyo Rad (backup)
ESEA S18 Open: Silent Kingdom (backup)
eGO Arena Respawn: Conga Cow Mangler Holocaust (starter)
UGC HL Season 15 Gold: SPACEBEARS (demo)
UGC 4s Season 4 Gold: Tyo Rad (backup)
UGC HL Season 16 Gold: SPACEBEARS (starter)
UGC 4s Season 5 Gold: Tyo Rad (backup)
ESEA S19 Open: Aliasing Lefty (backup)
Razer Arena Frag Fest 6s: Bad News Bears (demo)
UGC 6s Season 19 Silver: Bad News Bears (demo)
UGC HL Season 17 Gold: Grammer Natzis (spy)
UGC 6s Season 20 Gold: Disney Jam (backup)
UGC HL Season 18 Gold: All Washed Up (demo)
UGC 6s Season 21 Gold: Bote Team (backup) *2nd Place*
UGC HL Season 19 Plat: EVL Gaming (backup)
UGC 4s Season 8 Gold: i HATE you phone (demo)
UGC HL Season 20 Gold: Tune Squad (backup)
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added for help, one of members approached you about this situation before but I don't understand what I'm suppose to click
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+rep helped me out with clearing my ugc league ban
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this guy is such a fucking tool