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I AM NOT A NOOB TRADER...Scammers pass your way, i know well the ways of scamming.
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CLEAN Purple Energy Law for around 520 keys pure (unboxed by me)
Strange Green Energy Veil for 250 Keys
Tesla Killer Exclusive for 160 keys
Can sell the White Energy Set for discounted price

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The Nervous Pyro B>Quicksells Sep 27 @ 12:11pm 
+rep great trader
F33dL0rd Sep 25 @ 2:04am 
+rep fair trade
BFG Zyddie Sep 15 @ 9:52am 
Rofl well will readd you when i get to go through all my friendlists and shit :o we had good times :P
-GoV- dak1ne s>3 unus Sep 15 @ 9:51am 
quite well :D Still at reunion island, chilling and enjoying like and trips :p
BFG Zyddie Sep 15 @ 9:45am 
Going through all my old comments and finding quite a few people i miss talking to :o you were one of them :P hows life ?
-GoV- dak1ne s>3 unus Sep 15 @ 9:44am 
yeah mate, why i wouldnt be ? :3