i want to die right now   Russian Federation
"Sorry that we are not what you expected" ~ Thought
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My Birthday:
The 6th of February

Favorite games:
Team Fortress 2, Night in the Woods, Unturned, Left 4 Dead 2, Undertale, Don't Starve (Together), BattleBlock Theater, Pit People, Garry's Mod, OneShot

I also like:
Trolling, Making mods, Spaming, Music, Making games,
Building levels, Lennies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), CANDIEZ

My best Friend(s):

Things you should know:
I DO NOT play CS:GO so please DO NOT invite me
I know every way to scam so you better not try to scam me
If you will spam alot i will block you for some time
If there are some games that i have that MAY NOT mean that i play them (you better ask me 'bout it)

I'm male if you didn't understand that (ಠ_ಠ )

Some times i'm being too lazy to update my profile so some things (about me) may be missing
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Marvel's (or DC's idk) was a lie Super Man! Now THIS is the real one!

P S plz like :P
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rip u removed meh :(
Skuper Oct 30 @ 6:08am 
CrackerDynomite Oct 30 @ 4:06am 
О, да?
А это что?
Cenya Oct 30 @ 4:00am 
что я от тебя просил
я вообще хотел просто бл поиграть в BattleBlock Theater