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Community Manager- Cyber Fleet

Administrator- Rage Gaming-Retired

Secretary of the Founders- The Order-Community Died

Administrator- Werewolf Gaming- Retired

Super Admin - Red Zone Gaming- Retired

Staff Manager- Defconnations- Retired

Discord Server Manager and Council- Septon Roleplay- Community Died

Co Owner- Imperial Serious Roleplay Network- Retired

Moderator and Gamemaster- Stardust Networks

Owner and Head Gamemaster- Universal Networks

Discord Server Manager,Community Manager,Head Gamemaster, and Developer- Fusion Gaming ( Retired )

Community Head Mentor-Crematorium Gaming ( Community Shutdown )

Co Owner, Community Manager, Forums Manager, Discord Server Manager, Community Rules Manager-Neonlink

Head of Staff- Gears Gaming

Director of Communications,Discord Server Manager, and Head Gamemaster-SCP-OF

Co-Owner and Discord Server Manager - Fleccess Networks - Retired

AmnestyRP/TalosRP - Developer
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Thanks Blizzard
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+rep great staff, amazing Grand Admiral
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