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This was another meme map I started working on. I don't think i'll ever finish it but this is what I had done on it so far.

-Sentry buster that blows up once from a button
-Necrosmasher on second point in the second stage
-Halloween boss spawns after
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Created by - chowder908
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sky r you Mar 5 @ 9:31pm 
Add me if you want, but fun games!
Kiriy Mar 5 @ 8:16pm 
yea so cool because you shit talk about any and all upgrades i buy, and then say i dont know what im doing because i ask you what you want me to buy since its so important to you. im glad i wasted 2 hours in queue to every titanium tank server available so i could get kicked by a engineer main before ive even attempted one round because he voted to start to early well playing as scout.
Chocoroom Mar 5 @ 5:06pm 
We need you back in the MvM server my g
Chocoroom Mar 5 @ 4:44pm 
The god himself.
Karnajik =^.^= Feb 20 @ 8:24am 
I request help.I am creating my own addon and would like to ask you about creating models for gmod.
Shade The Plague Doctor Feb 15 @ 4:04pm 
i want a friend