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Wisconsin, United States
From my stream profile: "UGC Platinum Engineer. Making babies through eye contact online. See scrims, lobbies, game cast and the miracle of birth."

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Howdy you've found my profile :). Feel free to add me to ask questions, etc... Realize though in order to make my account available for people to add I have to cycle through my friendlist (delete people) every once in a while. Thanks for the visit!

Please just skim the FAQ <3

Will you sign this weapon/hat/item for me?
Definitely, just add me once you've obtain the gift wrap and we'll be good to go :).

Will you play a game with me? Can I queue with you in MM? Want to join my party?
Though I really do appreciate the idea behind the offers. When I'm online I either want to do my own thing or will be playing with close friends. If you see me in a pub. Feel free to click that big green join button on my profile and come play! And of course you can definitely play with me in my viewer lobbies/pubs every stream :).

How do I get better at engineer?
This is probably the most common question I get asked. It's hard to give a great answer to a question which is broad and general like this. My general answer to this is:
1) Challenge every death you take and understand if it was good or not
2) Work on your DM to be at a high level
There's a lot more tips I can give, but I'm not sure if they're useful to you or if you already know them. Instead of asking the vague/broad questions, ask something more specific e.g. "When should I get out of the first point?","Where should I put my sentry on last?", "When do you go minis over lvl 3's on payload?", etc...
If you ask a more detailed question, I can give a more insightful answer and hopefully help you out more. If you ask a big, broad, vague question. I can only really give a response back in kind. Which generally won't be that useful to you.

Will you mentor me?
On the topic of mentoring, I do not mentor directly anymore. I'd really love to mentor everyone who ask me. I enjoy being able to help help people excel at the class I love. But to practice, scrims, stream, yt, and carry a life outside of tf2, a bit much on the plate. I try to explain myself during streams, you can always ask questions there, or directly to me here. I also have many demo reviews / content on Youtube .

Will you trade me X item/game? Can you give me X item/game?
I'm not into trading and not interesting in trading any or my extra items or games.

I do not accept friend request from private profiles

Thanks for reading <3

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seahoe May 24 @ 8:30pm 
Thank you for accepting me, sigafoo! <3 really noice person
Penson May 15 @ 12:47am 
Thank you Sigafoo! Really nice person.
TheKasper May 13 @ 1:44pm 
Thank you for signing my wrench, sigafoo! <3
#yungdeepthroat. Mar 29 @ 8:09pm 
You're a super friendly and amusing guy c:
Skullfire Mar 24 @ 9:00am 
A great Engineer, got a couple of my items signed by him. Appreciate it dude, hopefully i'll be on your list for a long time. :D
Captain Booty Cat Mar 21 @ 1:53pm 
Sigafoo, I love you. I hope we`ll be friends for a while if not, I see why you remove me. Just thank you for everything :)