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You give me dokis
And shades of grey
But i still love you
You're sugoi, Kawaii desu ne
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Hello Welcome to my profile!
~Hai welcome to my profile!

Info about meh
Name: Robyn︱Age:18 ︱B-day: September 6th︱Hobbies: Playing video games and watching anime!~

More detail info
ummm hey lol my name's robyn i live in michigan i love animals i have 3 cats and i love them alot! I am a vegatarian ( i wanna become vegan soon) i've been vegatarian for 3 years! i'm a christian gamer!! (if that's not ok with you then just don't add me :3 ) currently in a relationship with the biggest noob in the world. (jk ily xd) i'm pretty friendly most of the time as long as your nice to me, i won't really argue with you just remove you and block you if you be mean to me or my friends. I will pretty much add anyone that doesn't look like a troll/racist just please don't add me if you aren't going to talk with me. Oh and also try not to change your name/pic much as i won't know who you are and maybe remove you~

Ps. Please like and fav my artwork cus im a noob and i wanna be popular

~ if you're adding me for pocket medic i will do it for free also i'm avalible most of the time just send me an invite and leave a comment :3~

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Xbox One: TomoMelon︱PSN: iiotakuzz︱3DS Friend Code: 0233-3629-1941︱Roblox: Otakuwatermelon/TomoMelon︱Battle-net:TomoMelon#1715︱ Discord:TomoMelon#4849︱ Twitter Youtube (cringey) osu []My Anime List []TomokoKuroki Group
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nuuu my sutffs
Robyn♥ 3 hours ago 
report for bulli
☭ Bulldog1198 ☭ 3 hours ago 
This chat gae
Lil Vodka 4 hours ago 
OwO lewd~
Robyn♥ 5 hours ago 
aww ty :3
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Robyn is a qt