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United States
Selling a nice unusual on outpost and
Buying for discount - send good offers with individual goods, bulk cosmetics or stranges

Quickbuying Small Backpacks for Pure
*not counting parts, spells and most paints
(I will pay 2 ref extra for GOOD white/black painted cosmetics and 3 ref for lime/pink)
I have 30 keys, so im not buying bps with expensive ks weapons, or unusuals.

looking to trade my crates ( series #90, #91 and others) for uncommon unique weapons or scrap
Buying craft hats 1 ref each or 25 for 1 key.
uncraft 1.11 each (no restriction or crap like that please)
Also buying cheap decorated or strange weapons.
Lastly, selling counter strike steam bundle for South America region for 5 keys. Worth $28 so huge discount
If you want to trade me just feel free to add me, but no lowballing or begging. Let the trading begin!
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Some Random Dead Guy Mar 22 @ 2:42pm 
Anyways, here's the half-cleaned version:
Redseal2012 | Mar 22 @ 2:42pm 
I cant tell where my comments are so ill change back
Redseal2012 | Mar 22 @ 2:41pm 
Ooh hes mad
Some Random Dead Guy Mar 22 @ 2:40pm 
Oh fuck the shit off
Redseal2012 | Mar 22 @ 2:40pm 
Like my new pic
Some Random Dead Guy Mar 22 @ 2:38pm 
It's only halfway finished

But i can post a link to that