i rape kids in my spare time
Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"Logic got the flames." - b4nny (Rally Call 2017) [clips.twitch.tv]
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- LEAVE A COMMENT BEFORE ADDING. If you fail to do so, I will give you 60 seconds to explain yourself for the add before removing you. (NOTE. If it's for trading, don't worry about this.)
- Asking for free items is going to result in an instant remove and block. Don't try it.
- Don't invite me to your "Trade groups". I will block you.
- If I'm in-game, I'm most likely in a party. Please refrain from sending invites as chances are i won't join.
- If there is no contact from either party for 28 days (4 weeks), i will most likely remove you as I see no point in keeping idlers added. By all means feel free to send another request but leave a comment, as Rule 1 states.

"Teemo is like the creepy uncle of competitive people" - Wrench-kun 2017
"I'm spawncamping them with a Third Degree" - AustinN 2017

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you spa-get-me
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Swastikas are the best antiquas
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Happy Easter, NERD