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MLG Th3ri@n Hunt3r   Palestinian Territory, Occupied
- vV Sperg from my Autism wall Vv -
- He spams to annoy people, and plays Block N Load like a fag proof
BLOCK N LOAD 697+ hrs on record last played on Aug 9 NOTE: his life story is too long because of all the gay meme spam messages. -

Linkters is a moron. Not much else to say. Don't trust him, don't believe him, don't think he deserves any more chances, because he's extinguished more than enough, and he's shown how incapable he is of change.

Hideki Tojo made anime as a brainwashing tool to recruit people from around the world to join Hirohito's imperialist empire of Japan.

I heard that KFC has secret gas chambers under every compound where they arrest and detain white people who try to order some fried chicken.

^ Galil can't grief ^

^ Galil is a fag ^

^ Galil spams to annoy people ^

^ Galil is a liar, gay, and autistic ^

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Chef Pastryarchy: At this point I just want to read what you have to say
Chef Pastryarchy: I'm fucking broken right now
Chef Pastryarchy: How did you not realize? holy shit you've been causing me about an hour of solid laughter

Lincent: I get it dude, you're an insecure sperg who likes to pretend to be a creationist.
Chef Pastryarchy: Fooled you guys
Lincent: It doesn't really matter to be honest
Lincent: it's just more proof that you're a huge sperg.

"Sorry, what? You're neither religious, British, or even deserve to be a human, yet you try to take traits of each one? You're a bumbling walking failure who can't even muster a counter argument because you know each word I say is true." -Guy pointing out that the dude above has autism

Alphabet Soup: Hey me and my buddys wanna make a deal with you.
[KI A] Zantho has been invited to chat.
[KI A] Zantho entered chat.

Rotghus: Nataka kununua nta sanamu yako ya nyota vita wahusika
[KI A] Zantho: what
Alphabet Soup: ???:?,????buddys?????????
Rotghus: Nataka kununua sanamu yako
[KI A] Zantho: Don't fucking waste my time
[KI A] Zantho left chat.

Rotghus: wow so racist

[TNCW] fagsterstaff: I know your quest to sperg the entire universe is something you're not about to give up on.
[TNCW] fagsterstaff: Keep griefing and fucking around. That's your job.

BlocknBoom!: shout louder plz
TheCake : ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
BlocknBoom! : thanks
BlocknBoom! : is it possible to scream even loudwer?

Lincent : Get owned skrub.
Lincent : You suck leave
BlocknBoom! : Is it that hard to hit a standing target?
BlocknBoom! : Why dont't you give me back my name? xD
BlocknBoom! : Btw im recording for youtube

Lincent : I am too.
BlocknBoom! : sure
Lincent : You're going on my autism wall dude.

TntMatthew : I'm apparently a joke now

S/Sgt. Texas [505th PIR]: 1st admendment dont matter here

Lincent: You were on a twitch livestream dude
Tosin Abasi: A low quality one might I add

+epic liampaul wow are you seriously this autistic or did I give you brain damage due to too much nerd pounding.

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath What are you, a high school jock? Grow up, lincent/Bong/sheogorath

Sheogorath halglaugbha
+epic liampaul yeah i'm a jock, smell my pits kiddo

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath I'm a nerd, I may not be able to beat you up, but I can bore you with facts until you pass out and I slit your throat! :)?

+epic liampaul not before I release a stinky one and make you suffocate so you can't sperg out about spergy shit?

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath Ooh you scare me spoiler: not actually

+epic liampaul wow you put your own fucking spoiler alerts? do you think there's an audience following you or something?

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath halglaugbha I do put my own spoiler alerts because it makes you mad and that entertains me. ;)

+epic liampaul You need to learn to grow up dude, Im not the one going around insulting other people.

+epic liampaul "mad"

"Yeah, no, I don't believe you. Your story is bullshit. Good night." yet your still here sperging out and saying i'm retarded or something idk

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath halglaugbha Tell your imaginary friend to shut the hell up...

+epic liampaul who? john or tim?

epic liampaul
+Sheogorath You're not retarded, I never thought you were. You're just ignorant. I tried to put this to rest, but you kept pushing it.

+epic liampaul You don't even know the correct definition of ignorant dude, and you're telling me to shut up?

epic liampaul
+Linçent You're being ignorant because of the homophobic comments, the anti semetic comments, and the comments hating on disabled people.

+epic liampaul I never said being gay was bad dude, and how would being ignorant of something... even be remotely related to being homophobic, anti-semetic, or anti-disabled?

epic liampaul
+Lincent Comments like calling someone a fag, saying "don't let the jews bite", constantly calling me retard and autistic, you say all these things like they're insults.

+epic liampaul You're the one taking all of this in that way, but we are just saying that you are autistic because we are psychologist and thus we know who and who doesn't have autism.

Quote from: Anonymous on April 10, 2016, 08:41:49 PM HST
- Lincent has hacked multiple times in the past and been granted multiple amnesties, he was also globally banned. This proves his how untrustworthy he is, and he has no right to act like the rest of the forum was the problem Ace of Spades began to die when he used to be and still is a shitposting fag.
- It is an expression
- If he left right now there would be one less person who scripted hacks

" 'Why did this topic change to Torch?' Because, autistic nerds can't handle being disputed by anyone."-Lincent
STFO if you won't help will you? You're just being annoyingly retarded.
Quote from: Anonymous on April 12, 2016, 11:29:33 PM HST

^ Galil can't grief ^

^ Galil is a fag ^

^ Galil spams to annoy people ^

Lincent: So you like girls?
Galil: Almost none of them
Lincent: So you're actually gay holy shit.

^ Galil is a liar, gay, and autistic ^

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