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Trading Bot - auto accepting or declining trade offers
▶ You don't need to be a friend with the bot to swap cards with it, just send a trade offer
   ▸ But if you add the bot, it can tell you stuff about your trade
   ▸ It also has commands that can help, just write in chat commands or help
   ▸ The bot will also keep you as a friend as long as you regularly trade with it
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Normal Trading Cards (Please No Foil Cards):
   ▸ Cards From the Same Game (Same Set) - Equal Fair Trade 1:1
      ▸ You need to give the same number of cards (prices are not important)
   ▸ Cards From a Different Game (Cross Set) - Equal or more (both rules are required)
      ▸ You need to give the same number of cards or more
      ▸ You need to give the same value of cards (sold value) or more

   ▸ More Info on Cross Set Card Exchange :
      ▸ Sold value means the money you get when you sell a card on the market
      ▸ Cards from deleted games cant be traded for sold value, only 1:1 same set
      ▸ Values are approximate sold market values (some prices may be outdated)
      ▸ Value of each card is the average value of that whole set
      ▸ Bot may decline your offer even if its good (try again later, prices will be updated)
      ▸ Math that i use: ~Sold Value = Card Price*0.85-0.01 (i will explain that somewhere)

Useful Links for Trading Cards
   ▸ Match Your Duplicates Steam Trade Matcher [www.steamtradematcher.com]
   ▸ My Steam Inventory or SteamTools [steam.tools]
   ▸ GrabFreeGames.com (my site for free games, just grab the games and farm the cards)
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▶ Problems you may have with the bot
   ▸ Now Unavailable For Trade (somebody took the items just before you, send again)
   ▸ Bot is not accepting for 10 min (maybe it crashed, it will restart in 3 hours at most)
   ▸ Bot declined a good offer (prices are approximate, and there is a delay, so its not accurate)
   ▸ You cant send an offer, trade error (remove and add the bot again) ** NEW

▶ Why do you ask for more, why cant i just trade with the bot 1:1 all the time
   ▸ I did not make this bot to earn money, I made it to help people level up
   ▸ I am not selling the cards for money or keys, I'm not doing level up services
   ▸ This bot was intended to be 1:1 same set bot (same sets/game trades are 1:1)
   ▸ But then i added the cross set (trading from different sets/games) feature
   ▸ Cross set trading is complicated, and easily exploitable by people
   ▸ Every time i tried to make it fair to everyone, someone exploited that
   ▸ Even now people are exploiting, but its far less likely to get away with it
   ▸ Without the rules i made the inventory would be gone really fast
   ▸ This way the inventory is growing, and that helps everyone
   ▸ You can always do 1:1 if the values are the same. make sure the sold values are equal
   ▸ You are receiving the cards that you want/need and giving random ones
   ▸ I will try to make it more fair in the future but for now those are the rules
   ▸ I will not make exceptions for anyone, including myself
▶ Tips
   ▸ My Leveling Guide and Tips - Useful when using the bot
   ▸ Try to make the cards the same value, that way you won't lose cash

▶ About the bot
   ▸ GFG Stands for GrabFreeGames (my group for free games)
   ▸ GFG Bot FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
   ▸ GFG Bot Discussions - Learn more about it, ask questions, give suggestions...
   ▸ Dates: 25k cards 16May2017, 30k cards 3July2017
   ▸ Dates: 100k trades 02June2017

► Contact: Igor Dot Ninja (comment first)
   ▸ Comment if there are any problems, emergencies, bugs, questions or suggestions

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last played on Jul 5
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last played on Jul 3
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last played on May 17
Igor Dot Ninja Sep 24 @ 1:55pm 
not sure, i forgot to check the time, thank you
Bevervot's Random Card bot Sep 24 @ 9:58am 
Sorry, i disabled it yesterday. Did you recieve any since then?
Igor Dot Ninja Sep 24 @ 9:19am 
Prices are not accurate. they are delayed. the best thing would be to add the bot and ask him about the prices.
HardLens| Sia Sep 23 @ 1:43pm 
The Bot have a card that i need, Th card = 0.05$
i give to The bot 2 cards 0.03 x2 thats mean 0.06$
thats what he said
Sorry, the prices are not good, you need to give equal or higher value (sold market value) Your Cards: 0.03 , My Cards: 0.05.
✪ GFG Trading Bot Sep 22 @ 9:49am 
I dont know :) when i get better, im sick at the moment. i have some stuff i want to do before this :) tnx for trying to help :D
Diego Brito📱=✔ Sep 21 @ 4:16pm