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Im over it

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"If you don't know the pact, then you don't kn..... then go back to school!"

Top shit [thebest404pageever.com]

I've recently been having scammers replicating my account, so unless you see my current level at 66, "Faget Boy" in the item showcase, along with my wedding ring and unusual timeless topper, then it's not the real me.

I'm a 23 year old cum squirter nerd hearder.
King of the Cum Throne. Cumshot Remixer.
Tired of cumming in nerd pussy. Cum messiah.
Just chillin, cum villain. A splash of cum to seal the deal.
Cum loud, and cum proud. Eat a cum nuke, baka bitch.

I am also currently an admin on the SwirlClinic servers, so feel free to add me if you need any assistance on the servers~

My tumblr thingie [dickcheesewhiz.tumblr.com]

My political views for the next presidential election [lemonparty.org]
CLICK HERE FOR A SPESHUL MESSAGE~~~ [callhim.virtbox.ru]
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If you are sick of starving to death during a tedious competition round you may need to jump out of the game and get yourself a pile of FLUFFY PANCAKES!

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Fake Newsite CNN Dec 28, 2016 @ 11:27pm 
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