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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Twitter: @CSHasoon , Instagram: @CSHasoon [www.instagram.com]
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Business Information:
(24/7 KEYBOT)

Business engagements:

- Founder and Owner of BoxKon ( TwitterFacebookSteam group )
- Partnered with Bets.gg (Use Code HASOON for a free 50 cents to try the site!)
- Partnered with CSGOBounty (Use Code HASOON for a free 50 cents to try the site!)
Business Information:

Current Boxkon Services:
1. Bulk purchases of CS:GO Skins through all popular payment methods with the most competitive rates in the market in USD, EUR, or AED.
2. Bulk Selling of CS:GO Skins with a minimum purchase of 5,000$ Using BTC Only at 68-74% Rates.
3. 24/7 Key bot - If you wish to sell us Keys, Please use our automated bot who pays out using BTC, PayPal, or skrill.

For any Business inquiries, please contact us through our social media, steam group, or by emailing us on:

Other Services I provide
1. Purchase and Sale of Bitcoins at competitive rates.
2. Payment system – I pay outgoings (Wages, Site hosting upkeep and more) for numerous sites monthly with a fully verified business Paypal account, Business Bank account or various other payment methods in USD, EUR or AED. If interested or would like to know more please contact us.

- Top Donator at CSGOLounge (1550$)
- - Highest Holiday Sale 2015 badge ($12,000)
- 11th highest Steam level in the world.
- #1 Steam Inventory (200,000~USD) ( Proofs: http://imgur.com/a/GsSd2 )
- Over 15,000,000$ of Skins Resold since 2014.

BackPack.tf Trust [backpack.tf]
Steamrep [steamrep.com]
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My Setup spring 2016: 1. BenQ 27inch 144hz 2. BenQ 27inch 60hz 4. Blackwidow chroma 5. Deathadder chroma 6. sennheiser game zero
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