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For the last few years I have had the weirdest infatuation with Nazi men. There is nothing hotter to me than a man in a Nazi uniform. I gross myself out sometimes with this fetish. There is just something really fucking hot about Nazi men, especially ones higher up in the ranks. And lately I have had the grossest fantasy of a nazi fucking me in front of my (made up) Jewish fiancé/husband while he just sits there and cries and is forced to watch. I don't know wtf is wrong me. I am not a racist and have nothing against Jewish people. I hate myself!!! I feel like anti Semitic remarks are usually brushed over in society and not taken seriously and I just contribute to that :( why am I like this?
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GIRLS DO NOT COCK, this guy CHEAT and TRICK ERP (stupid futa fetish)
palerider Aug 4 @ 3:53am 
just a random "hi there BEC"
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PURGE THE INFIDELS Jun 13 @ 3:56am