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Minasha Please   Denmark
I don't accept random friend requests.

So if you want to add me, state a proper reason; why you want to add me, and i might accept your request.

Favorite jump speed run
Personal Details

Name: Not telling
Age: 15
Birthday: 30th May
Nationality: Danish
Sex: Male

Specs/In-Game Settings

Monitor:Just a shitty hP Laptop
Headset:ADX FireStorm H01
Mouse:ADX FireStorm H02
Keyboard:Armaggeddon MKA-3C
Sensetivity: 800 dpi 4.00 sens 1.06 accel (b4nny sens)
Resolution: 1024 x 768 4:3 (b4nny resolution)
Don't get the wrong idea, i'm not a b4nny sub, i just like his config and in-game settings.

Good friends of mine
My god/senpai the one and only i live for.
I bet he's a weight lifter. As he does carry my entire team.
Watches Cartoon Network on a daily basis.
Eh...Sure, xDeh
Teases me for liking Pink, but overall a dank friend.
Most weirdest, and kindest Brother i will ever have.
Dank friend, or could i call him best friend, easily gets triggered in tf2.
I mean seriously come on... Who doesn't like this guy.
Always depressed, and likes to copy tf2 invite player's loadouts.
The most kindest person i've ever met in my life.

Tf2 Teams
6s: Lucky Lukes []
hl: None
4s: Grow Street []
PS: I'm currently Looking for a EU team for each format, hit me up if you have one.

Competitive History
6s AsiaFortress Cup Division 3 season 11: Technical Difficulties 3rd place
hl UGC Asia Season 21: Noobalicious Galore

Useful Links

ETF2L []
UGC []
FaceIt [] []

My dream items for Tf2

Strange Professional Killstreak Fesitve Scattergun
Unusual Cool Scattergun
Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Pistol
Genuine Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade
Strange Australium Rocket Launcher
Collector's Gunboats
Australium Sticky Bomb Launcher
Strange Specialized Killstreak Iron Bomber
Strange Festive Mini Gun
Strange Festive Sandvich
Strange Festive Wrangler
Strange Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger
Strange Gunslinger
Australium Wrench
Unusual Cool Medi-Gun
Strange Festive Sniper Rifle
Collector's Razorback
Strange Festive Ambassador
Australium Knife
Strange Graybanns

Thats about it. Thank you for reading.

You can go now.
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