Project Confrontation Project C
Project Confrontation Project C
October 6, 2016
United States 
ABOUT Project Confrontation

Project Confrontation

Project Confrontation is a TPS game being developed on the Unity Engine. A passionate group of developers/community members developing a TPS inspired by Socom Confrontation. Not a replica, it will have a little something implemented from every game in the series.

"Passion, Purpose, ProjectCDevTeam"

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Devblog #22 Project Confrontation

What’s up Project Confrontation Community!

Hope everyone is doing well! Social media has been very active! I appreciate you keeping me busy! More back end work is being worked on so testing slowed down for me a bit. Watching community members streams and playing PUBS has been fun and entertaining!

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there you will find updates, SS, interact with community members, talk about our project and SOCOM! You will also get to game and/or watch streams from members from the community.

Thanks for your support, spread the word and see you next Devblog!! Now for the good stuff…hope you enjoy Devblog #22!




A lot of what I have been up to over the past few weeks is improvements to what’s already in game, and gathering assets we started months ago, getting them integrated both in the project, and for the new character. I also provided some networking help to Reaper, specifically in the server selection scene. Reaper is a quick learner, and I will probably take a hands off approach to his work from this point forward, unless asked of course.

z3reezy and I played around with animation events, and curves in an attempt to get the character audio setup, and sounding on point. This is going to be a pretty large task, and you probably wont see the results of this for a few dev blogs. Reason being is that I am not that experienced when it comes to how audio should be handled in engine with relation to animation, so give me a few weeks to research, and I am sure we can bang this out pretty easy.

Before we discovered animation events/curves, I wrote a entire class to handle the movement audio, and the reason it was no good was the inconsistency with playing sounds at just the right time. It relied heavily on ray casting, and seemed extremely slow for what we needed. We obviously ended up ditching it altogether, but now that we know there is a better way, we will explore that route next.


Shooting has been disabled for the last few weeks, while I work on improving the code, and rewriting the stuff that was to unpredictable to keep. I am going to do a complete overhaul of how the player loadout is set and instantiated when a map starts. One of the roadblocks I ran into with my initial code design was switching the held weapon. It was possible to switch weapons with the prototype code, but it was sloppy, and not very optimized.

Another obstacle with integration of the new character was the fact that the weapons local properties, such as position, scale, rotation were set for the old character. Each weapon needs to be set by hand manually to the new character now, its somewhat of a daunting task. It’s not difficult just time consuming. Along with setting the local properties of the weapons comes the local properties of the the weapons attachments, and ik objects that each gun needs for proper hand placement. It takes time to do this for everything, but once its done it should not need to be done again, unless we change our characters base model again.

As I was doing all that, our muzzleflash was horrendous, so I started playing around with different designs and consulting the team about whether or not we wanted the same design per weapon, it was pretty much universally agreed that we wanted different designs for each gun class, so I added a option to store specific muzzle flashes to our weapon database.

See gifs for muzzle flash, lean, render effects, characters/animations, HUD, UI and more in Devblog #22 here all sections above cut short due to length


These past two weeks, Rev and I have been pretty busy. I have created a new REST web service to hold all game information and have enabled SSL for the web service to increase the security of player data. I have created the Log In, Registration, Main Menu, Announcements, Regions, Rooms, and Game Lobby scenes according to Rev’s designs.

Included below are screen shots of each of these screens for you to view. Please keep in mind that these are still WIP and will change over time. Rev and I go back and apply some polish to the scenes every few days to ensure that they are as clean and functional as possible. It is also worth noting that the colors in these scenes are subject to change due to a particular set of blend modes, used by Rev in Photoshop, not being available in Unity by default. Once we have the scenes in the layout we are looking for, I will be writing custom shaders that will function like the Photoshop blend modes to correct the colors.

Sound Design


What’s up everyone! I’m going to start it off with explaining what’s been happening over the past few weeks concerning my workflow for the project.

Character footstep implementation

Ideas have been bouncing around among the team to figure out which method we should use in order to implement our footsteps for the characters and we finally came to a conclusion. Curves!

We are working on getting these features in but there is no time frame on when this is going to be implemented, so bare with us! The audio for footsteps was fairly easy to do, other then trying to figure out the length of what a step should be and how it should sound based off our textures in game. All in all, the assets are in and just waiting to be implemented.

UI Sound effects

I hope everyone is excited as much as I am with the way the new user interface is looking! With that said, I decided to tap in the way the UI should sound like when navigating through the interface for example button sounds or scene switching from main lobby to game lobby etc. This process is in it’s beginning stages as of right now until everything has be finalized with which effects sounds best for the interface.

Workflow (Additional plugins and external programs)

I’ve been doing some research on plugins for unity in regards to audio and I found a few external programs and plugins that will help with implementation of audio along with additional settings that broadens what you can do within unity instead of relying on external programs like a DAW to adjust settings or add effects to certain audio files.

Fabric is one of the plugins I am looking into that will control anything that deals with audio. It offers a wide range of settings within unity that will help implement features without having to switch back and forth between my DAW and unity. Along with fabric, FMod and Wwise is still in discussion whether or not we want to take that route.

FMod and Wwise are external programs that work with unity specifically and are well known among AAA title developers. In the meantime, fabric is looking promising and will take time to learn and implement as we progress with our project.

Menu music (Rise of the Phoenix – User interface: Final version)

I’m happy to announce the final version of our main menu theme music for our project. Combined with some samples and a little tweaking, I managed to create an awesome track that the team and I are very pleased with. Since the last update of the menu music, I decided to do something a little different this time around to give you guys an idea of what you guys would be hearing as you navigate through our user interface. I hope you guys enjoy it.

See gifs for muzzle flash, lean, render effects, characters/animations, HUD, UI and more in Devblog #22 here all sections above cut short due to length.

Devblog #21 Project Confrontation
Welcome to Devblog #21 Project Confrontation Community!

On a mission!

We are making moves. I have been on a hunt to find passionate, creative and talented individuals who express interest in collaboration to help further our attempt in developing a solid third person shooter! We have added a experianced C# programmer and possibly one more in the very near future. We are in a comfortable and ready position to add more help, most of all asking for help. We are looking for honesty, confidence, experienced, team players and individuals who love shooters, especially a SOCOM style shooter! Chris, our first programmer, has played since SOCOM 2, how lucky could we have got with the first shot!? It felt like hitting that rusher trying to rush the bomb at the beginning of the round in Crossroads!

We are also looking to add two experianced 3D Modelers/Environment/Texture Artist. They will focus on creating the actual digital “objects” of the game, including buildings, vehicles, landscapes, characters, weapons and well, everything, a range of all assets and architecture, a jack of all trades for models. As they develop assets/models to assist the mappers we would also like to see them develop there own creative map for Project Confrontation, if they choose to!? I have noticed when searching for these artist, they dive into map making and/or other areas of the game when it comes to game development.

Interest is flowing in steadily, like I mentioned, we would like shooter fans, preferably SOCOM style shooter fans. It obviously narrows down our options but keeps the focus of development on our inspiration. The more you know about our direction and inspiration in SOCOM, the more our game plays and feels like SOCOM!

All in all, we are transitioning into a full fledged development team! I’m excited to grow, excited about our future and excited to get the ball rolling faster. The sooner we can get rolling, the sooner we can all G^ and play!

If interested in joining our team, please email us at or message us on Twitter @ProjectC_tps





Month of March was pretty busy for me, and I dont see April slowing down, so we brought another programmer on board in hopes of picking up my slack a bit. Between Aaron, Chris, and I, we make up over 30+ years of c# experience. This is really good news for not only the project, but for our “future” when it comes to finding potential investors for a PS4 release. I know that line probably sounds familiar, but I assure you my goal and the team’s goal first and foremost is making a half decent game. We are still a ways off before we are ready to look for investors, but I figured I would mention it since the amount of talent we are starting to scoop up is bound to break some necks.

Now let’s get into it.


The team and I have decided to move away from the beta unity editor builds to more stable releases. We upgraded Unity, and the project to Unity 5.6. Its stable, fast, has a ton more features, and far less bugs than what we were working with in the past. We will likely be staying on 5.6 for a while. So far we have had no conflicts with the version change, and in fact it greatly improved performance of both the game, and our workflow. You can read more about Unity 5.6 here.


Now that we have the base models for both a SEAL and Terrorist, thanks to Harry, I have started to recall the old swat character we were using as a placeholder. The new characters have a humanoid rig(inverse kinematic ready), and are setup in a way that literally allows us to copy and paste animation logic back and forth. Animation changes to one character instantly affect the other with no extra work.

Our next little project will be separating parts of the skin for customizable pieces of clothing for the characters, but dont expect this anytime soon, both Harry and I are backed up in other areas of the project at the moment.


Since we started to roll out the new characters in the game, I had a chance to revisit some of the network code that was handled by the characters. Our player viewer script that was handling transform updates, AKA position updates got a pretty nice upgrade. You may have noticed from our gameplay video from back in October that when viewing movement from another player it would sometimes look extremely choppy, and players would rubberband a little. This bothered me to no end, so I started to rewrite/optimize this portion of the logic, and its much better than before. Animations look smooth, and even with relatively high pings the rubber banding is almost gone. This was mainly caused by certain RPC calls that would buffer many times over clogging the network stream and delaying position updates. Another issue was that I never actually incorporated the players ping into how much time it should take to smooth out a position update, it was just a static number that applies to all players regardless of ping.

As I continue to implement the character logic, I will be fixing many of the networking issues we experienced with the old build. Its an ongoing process, so I might have more on this next devblog.


HUD logic has started to be implemented with the new characters, so far the logic supports health, weapon, fire rate, and mag amount. I had Rev make a few different crosshairs that will be dependant on the weapon type being used, and I plan to finish adding those images to the weapon database soon, along with equipment quick slot item, and mini map.


Rev has been pushing out his UI designs far faster than I can implement them. With that said, welcome to the team Chris! I will be passing the torch over to him, and he will be responsible for finishing up the implementation for all the server side UI logic, as well as completing the in unity designs for the UI.

I only had a chance to do about half of the main menu and about 20% of the room lobby design, so he definitely has his work cut out for him.

Check out more development updates in devblog #21 updates on our new programmer, HUD, UI, Foxhole and more at

LAWZ TEN'BEARS Aug 29 @ 2:10pm 
i dont know why people dont play it. i think its awesome
$hrApneL Aug 28 @ 4:38pm 
I still enjoy the socom mod on insurgency.
LAWZ TEN'BEARS Aug 28 @ 2:56pm 
this games gotta be a dead issue you dont just disapear on your fan base for over 4 months
04carr Jul 20 @ 7:48pm 
Is this still happening? You should update us so people won't forget
[FUA] BeastMode Jul 12 @ 10:36am 
i wanna play some confrontation all ready its been 5 years bro
Koba Jun 29 @ 4:03am 
Cant wait
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October 6, 2016
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