Elite Sniperz Gaming [ES]G
Elite Sniperz Gaming [ES]G
January 24, 2016
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Sven Co-op

[ES] Vanilla Co-op Server

[ES] SCXPM Custom Map Server

[ES] ENT MOD 24/7 Server

[ES] HL Campaign Server

Updates 11/26/16:
New HL Campaign Server Added
(Hemos instalado un nuevo servidor de niveles de Half-Life.)
You can post server topics on group forum.
(Puede poner mensajes del servidor en el foro del grupo)

*Slots are based on popularity. The more popular the server, the more slots it will have.
(*Espacio de servidores se basan en popularidad)

Upcoming Servers:
Servidores en el futuro:
*Sven Coop WORM RPG Server (Expected deployment date: August 2018)

Click on the ES Modding Group link for more details.
Haz clic en el enlace del grupo ES Modding para más detalles.
[ESG][Important!] *New Contacts*
[SC] Sweepstakes and Biannual Evaluation
Biannual Evaluation
Every 6 months we make an evaluation of each of our servers in order to acquire figures on their performance in terms of popularity and technical practices. We decided
to make this public because we expect to make some changes that may require community feedback. Here we provide a summary of the biannual evaluation.

[ES] Half Life Campaigns Server
First we wanted to thank the entire community, as the [ES] Half Life Campaign Server is now the most popular server in the entire game! We have outperformed the
overwhelming majority of competing (top 10) servers by a player average margin of about +3. We've decided to maintain the server slots of this server at 28. Thank you
to all our regulars!

[ES] Vanilla Server
The Vanilla server has seen a small upwards trend in popularity over a 3-month span, although from a larger scope of 6 months the average has decreased and then
spiked. But at the same time the server is still in the top 10 most popular servers in Sven Co-op so we will maintain the server slots at 24.

[ES] ENT MOD 24/7 Server
The Ent Mod server seldom has any visitors since the Ent Mod community is all but dead. We will continue this server with only 4 slots for those who still tinker
with Ent Mod. It has largely been an entity "sandbox" for a while.

[ES] SCXPM Custom Maps Server
We have decided to launch a new SCXPM Server complete with a veteran player's choice selection of custom maps. We invite the community to test the server / maps
when you have time and provide any feedback. Connect to the server with

Summer Sweepstakes
To celebrate the expanding community we offer our regulars a sweepstakes. 5 community members will win (USD) $20 Steam Gift cards (Perfect for Steam Summer Sale).
See the requirements below

In order to participate in the sweepstakes, you must:

1. Have been a member of the Elite Sniperz RP group or the Elite Sniperz Gaming group for at least 2 months (without interruption)
2. Have at least 50 hours total in Sven Co-op
3. Be a regular in one of our servers (you must frequent the server at least 3 days a week or 6 hours a week, this is tracked with our logging system)
4. Have a Steam Profile of Level 1 or higher

To add yourself to the sweepstakes, e-mail your STEAM ID or link your STEAM PROFILE in a message to
No private profiles will be accepted. If you have a private profile, temporarily set it to public BEFORE June 30. Also bear in mind that attempting
to cheat by putting in multiple accounts will permanently bar you from any future activities (we have methods to match identical users)

The sweepstakes will end on July 1st, whereupon the winners will be announced.

Recruiting Admins
We're looking for regulars that have technical experience to apply as server admins. Understand that we're looking for players that play in our servers very often,
thus you must have the following prerequisites:

1. One of the two below:
A. Have used the default Sven Co-op admin tools (AngelScript admin)
B. Have used other tools like AMXX or AMX

2. Be 18 or older, or be apparently mature as though you were 18 years or older (we verify this with a small exam, which is better than asking your age)

3. Expect to play on our servers often in the future

4. Have been a member of the Elite Sniperz RP or Elite Sniperz Gaming groups for at least 3 months (without interruption)

[Aᴺ] Disastrous Nov 29 @ 9:02am 
There's nowhere on the forums where I can apply for Entmod permission ._.'
ATTRIST Oct 29 @ 4:45pm 
look in my screenshots please.
ATTRIST Oct 29 @ 7:33am 
[ES] HL Campaign Server
ATTRIST Oct 29 @ 7:18am 
I am banned in the half life coop I think IP ban, because I can't find the server.
ATTRIST Oct 28 @ 8:58am 
May I please get unbanned?
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January 24, 2016