Linux + OS X support, compatibility fixes!

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Veg Jun 15 @ 1:05pm 
I'm almost finished with the game and not one single achievement received! Please fix this! Thank you!
hellcatv Jun 12 @ 1:04am 
Just bought because of linux support! This is one beautiful game!
los_nikos Mar 6 @ 6:59am 
Linux achivements... not working too for The Swappers, like on OS X
mr. selfdestruct Mar 4 @ 5:28pm 
Just a FYI, the Steam achievements aren't working on the Mac port. I guess you probably already know it by now...
Russian Feb 27 @ 6:55pm 
INTEL HD 4000 STILL NOT SUPPORTED!!! PLEASE FIX, HD 4000 can crush this game, and I currently am only able to play on this laptop.
tenacious_maddin Feb 27 @ 2:59pm 
this is great. Thanks so much. The perfect game for cross plattform!
kiddent Feb 23 @ 8:04pm 
support for the combination of nvidia 755m and intel HD (like seen in the lenovo y510p) is still lacking. Game plays fullscreen but the right side and bottom are actually cut off.....
Thanks for the OSX support :D
Capt Beardie Feb 19 @ 6:56pm 
I mentioned on the linux support thread that I'd buy it as soon as you added support for it.

And so I just did!

cemotyz09 Feb 19 @ 4:33pm 
Thanks for the linux support i've ben really limited in interesting games on linux so it is really appreciated