Portal 2 Update Released

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OrangeCanary 6 hours ago 
can you please put new items in map editor i dislike the mods
MylittleDashie Jul 19 @ 7:59pm 
Im confused, What is there to fix
hotremox Jul 19 @ 7:56pm 
o: another portal update
OrangeCanary Jul 19 @ 12:11pm 
do some more updates and i want more map editor items please
Keisan Jul 18 @ 3:43pm 
You want more items ? Download BEEMod !
x.russky Jul 15 @ 11:47am 
Игра хорошая но как по мне очень дорого стоит
OrangeCanary Jul 14 @ 10:59am 
can you do more items in the map editor crazy maps and i was trying to make a rooller sticker turn on death for multiplayer
ǷȺƦƬʜϝĄƮɧƸƦ Jul 10 @ 4:08pm 
#Kabanodim, Here's the translation: I have some bugs... I bought the game but I have no connection with steam (it says). Sorry, that's in Russian. You're welcome
Kabanodim Jul 10 @ 5:24am 
У меня какой-то глюк... Я купил игру, но у меня нет соединения со Steam (пишет так). Что мне делать? Извините, что по-русски. Use google Translate.
FunGamePlays Jul 9 @ 9:18am 
I have a problem with fonts. For some reason they are very similar to fonts from beta versii.I very often crashes the game in cooperative mode.