Natural Selection 2

Gorgeous is coming.

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Girl-brains 13 фев. 2013 в 20:09 
So there's nothing to do on a colony base but meticulously polish all the pipes? What
Matze 6 фев. 2013 в 13:50 
I doubt it will change the way I play. This is just the Kharaa counter-part on the phase gate. Great visuals as usual. However I would like to get this engine performance finally fixed and what about adding the long overdue Linux client and dedicated server?
L34D 6 фев. 2013 в 2:38 
I would like to see such a DI ingame. The current dynamtic infestation looks a bit unsusal. I think the DI needs to be darker like the groundtexture from the cysts or hydras. :)
Cvoid 5 фев. 2013 в 18:55 
Is that little ball on the floor a new kind of cyst or just part of the texture?
♦♣OneFirmCat♥♠ 5 фев. 2013 в 16:56 
Look at those veins, Gorgeous is fugly.
Vitdom 5 фев. 2013 в 16:06 
This looks awesome! I'm going to get all my friends who've bought NS2 to play some more, when this gets released.
I am a cool guy. Look at me posting on the NS2 comments section. Woo.
Momone Momo 5 фев. 2013 в 11:03 
Can't wait!