Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle mashing it up in RE6

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darwisdragonknight 13 apr 2013 om 8:07vm 
Elkinda 10 apr 2013 om 7:02vm 
Why are people wasting their time modding for a game that is literally unplayable?
o9enolc 5 apr 2013 om 2:16vm 
(Olaf16, regarding L4D1 Survivors)That'll probably be in RE7, along with Boomer, Smoker, Hunter, Charger, Spitter and Jockey as enemies!
๖ۣVoodoo_One 2 apr 2013 om 2:20nm 
How about also L4D1 characters? :D
HorsE <КZК> 1 apr 2013 om 7:37nm 
Looks nice!
Bôl 1 apr 2013 om 6:06nm 
I don't see why everyone has such a problem with them having some crossover content. I personally can't wait to see what will be done with the infected coming to L4D2.
Sin 1 apr 2013 om 12:30nm 
they should have did l4d1 characters, i want zoey :(
Klarth F Lester 31 mrt 2013 om 8:05nm 
If I wanna play left 4 dead, I'll play left 4 dead. If I want to play Resident Evil 6, I will play resident evil 6. Was this really necessary? (or cool)
Ranger 31 mrt 2013 om 5:06nm 
the left 4 dead 2 thing makes more sence for like the tank the witch now that should be a jokey but now i realy want re6 but should i get it for pc or xbox 360
Danol-RAGE- 31 mrt 2013 om 1:18nm