GFWL Removal and More of Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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TehAlekzi Apr 16 @ 6:09am 
Also, DiRT2 isn't working either, am very annoyed but also reliefed that the crappy GFWL is gone for good.
TehAlekzi Apr 16 @ 6:05am 
When will this update be out? I have the boxed complete edition and new windows, so I can't get in the game until this Steam conversion is done..
GameLord Apr 12 @ 3:01pm 
Removed? Where are the DLCs?
OpamusMaximus Apr 9 @ 1:07pm 
I've been playing Codemasters' games since Jet Bike Simulator, and have driven every rally installment since Colin McRae Rally, but now I'm in a pickle. My GFWL points are useless as I was planning to use them to buy Dirt 3 content, but now I can't. Is there any way that currency could translate into Dirt 3 DLC in Steam? Needless to say a loyal fan will be disappointed for missing out & witnessing such a horrible loss of mazuma :(
Endless Legions Apr 8 @ 2:27am 
Hi, Steam isn't excepting my code from the back of the game manual. Is in the following format xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Please help. I'm from the UK.
Lantea Apr 7 @ 7:22pm 
What about boxed copy of the Complete Edition [ [url=] ] of Dirt 3? Currently there is only the normal version on Steam.
Azther Apr 5 @ 4:58pm 
im guessing DiRT 2 wont get the GFWL removal then? shame since i have that in my library doing nothing
mario291286 Apr 3 @ 1:51pm 
STEAM is not accepting my serial code
SammyKingZamby Apr 2 @ 11:37pm 
Yeah i just tried to get on fallout 3 because my hard drive failed and had to replace it but it asked me for a product key and when i clicked the button for "I need a product key" It said connection failed so i really can't wait till it's only steam related.
agravating Mar 31 @ 4:22pm 
when is dirt4 due out on steam or pc?