GFWL Removal and More of Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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A Depressed Whale Aug 26 @ 3:49pm 
Could we even start a class action?
Ringburner Aug 25 @ 10:27pm 
Surely we don't need to take a class action against this outfit to get them to fix the product that they BROKE
Ringburner Aug 25 @ 10:26pm 
Any update? Pretty piss poor guys......Massive let-down
Dexter Aug 24 @ 7:16am 
I just bought the game, and I can't play because of gfwl. Thanks codemasters.
SpawN4096 Aug 23 @ 12:46am 
What's with the secrecy about the progress!!!???
Nikato | Aug 19 @ 4:02am 
Any update?
Civilised Raptor Aug 19 @ 4:01am 
So, where are you at?? Many other GfWL-games have already been transferred to Steam (months ago!!), but you just don't seem to make headway :S
ChewyJackson Aug 16 @ 9:18pm 
7 months later, any update?
Z1pp Jul 30 @ 2:27pm 
How foolish was I to check back everyday for an update, at times…
I expected too much, probably it's never gonna make it to the steam DRM.
I learned from this to give a customer any kind of time frame for things I do for him. Anyway, Dirt 2 was the most fun racing game ever, you guys rock!
bo0no0 Jul 28 @ 11:44pm 
It can not be that difficult to disable a useless feature as GFWL yet. Why does this take so long?