Making Better Designs

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Krissp Jun 21 @ 3:33pm 
photodhop id probably the best programm for this. Adobe flash probably works too
AfflictedLazarus Jun 20 @ 5:10pm 
so what is the best kind of program to use on windows 7? i have many ideas but no way of making them...
ཀ བ འ འ འ Jun 20 @ 5:54am 
Is there a good toolset to make finished and skins on a mac? I would love to contribute and have a bunch of cool Ideas,…
Helen Killer Jun 19 @ 6:32am 
htorron Jun 13 @ 12:12pm 
Muy bien :)
✪ RID. Bingo/Bango/Bongo Jun 11 @ 3:56pm 
Lol its hard to get noticed when you are "starting" out, because the only skins ever voted on these days are already for known skin creators.

i browse tons of skins, and the really nice ones that the creator isn't noticed get no attention.
i know because ive clicked yes on a few and they still have no attention and are very very nice high quality skins.

And some of the skins in game, i just don't even understand how shiiit as ugly as that can even make it in the game, Awp worm gof for example.
♔Candy Shop♔ Jun 11 @ 5:08am 
:doge: Hi