Betrayer Completed! Launches March 24th!

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OLEG_78(RUS) 22 lug 2014, ore 18:23 
+add russian language, please=)
TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTrex 28 mar 2014, ore 23:11 
betrayer noun

1 a person who provides information about another's wrongdoing 26 mar 2014, ore 7:06 
haha, my birthday was on the 24th of march too bad i wont buy it xD
Cago™². 26 mar 2014, ore 6:49 
19,99$, yet Steam says: 19,99€. Hello?
laughingman91 25 mar 2014, ore 14:00 
@erg I also know nothing about this game, but would assume that Betrayer would (betray) a depth and meaning to the usage of Betrayer over Traitor for some contextual related purpose.
Sir Snorlax 24 mar 2014, ore 19:35 
scare the hell outta me!!
erg 24 mar 2014, ore 12:38 
I know nothing about this game. But cmon. Traitor. is the word that means that but is actually a word
PhreAkAxoiD 24 mar 2014, ore 9:33 
1250 mb HDD space that is not full version
PhreAkAxoiD 24 mar 2014, ore 9:32 
Why is my version still in alpla mode if the full game is released.
iB 18 mar 2014, ore 17:31 
hope we get full controller support by the offical release date!