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Steam Greenlights Over 20 More Games

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Коментарів: 71
joselitomedi | 29 жов 2012 о 13:53 
why i cannot vote games?
Netallic0 21 жов 2012 о 11:33 
Nice :)
regysz_takuma 20 жов 2012 о 18:49 
Gam3r0wn3d 19 жов 2012 о 14:57 
SMH!!!! Valve and the Community should have voted Euro Truck Simulator 2. Definitely a game worth buying on Steam
» BL1NK « 18 жов 2012 о 18:46 
i need buy cd key for All bakugan but always problem !
Failsafe Operator 18 жов 2012 о 6:26 
I personally want to buy postal 2, just to say I own it.
NarcolepTrip 17 жов 2012 о 14:02 
when will they come ? I'm so impatient about few of them ! ;)
Vermilicious 17 жов 2012 о 5:14 
Good to see more stuff coming in. Only one game has so far been released though.
Rik85 17 жов 2012 о 4:41 
Make Secrets of Grindea the next step in retro RPG Gaming and a lot of people come to Steam just for this ! Keep it up !
The_Crazy_Hand 17 жов 2012 о 3:46 
An improvement, I still say at this point that Greenlight is little more than a populist sham to get the workload off Valve admins.