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LawndaleLion 57 minutes ago 
@Richard U: It ain't a bug. It's actually Valve's lackluster algorithm:
PrPr ParkJiYeon 2 hours ago 
I think it‘s better to do a regional breakdown of charges.
SilverMan 2 hours ago 
150-200$ за игру это максимум.
Dan 5 hours ago 
as a developer im agree with steam
roninator2 5 hours ago 
@crackedghostgames That will make steam a target for hackers.
@rambo I have seen very little come from russian dev's that were interesting. If they made good games the submission fee is not a problem. There are other sites to sell low quality games, if that's what they make. Otherwise $100 should not be a problem, per game.
@carthienes I disagree. I would not want a game I submitted to be taken off because I only sold 348 copies where I needed to sell 500. And in a month? Some games on steam don't get large numbers until years later.
CrackedGhostGames 7 hours ago 
How about instead of raising the price, just make the devs pay the $100, give proper ID, make sure they're not underage, take their tax information, and have them enter their bank info. This would prevent children from posting their "Games" on greenlight. As a small indie dev myself, I could only see myself paying $400 max for a license...
RAMBO 8 hours ago 
You will kill russian and unkanian indi-developers, If it will costs more than 100$
Richard U 10 hours ago 
I'm all for a simple fee, but I don't like trying to make it high enough to serve as a filter. If the fee is high enough to discourage horrible stuff that has no business existing, it's also high enough to discourage every game I've ever enjoyed that had the Unity Personal Edition splash screen. I mean, if they had that money to throw at the project, they would have upgraded Unity.

Why not just fix the rating system, and filter out the garbage better? I've never even see these awful games people are providing as examples, because the store just never recommends them to me. So it seems like basically a bug in the recommendation system if other people are seeing these awful games.
Mitorah Games 10 hours ago 
So how is the recouping of the application fee supposed to work? Will you deduct it from Steam's normal share of the revenue until the application fee has sort of been refunded? In that case, I'd suggest $300 - $500 as the application fee, which would probably make publishing shovelware unprofitable.

If recouping the application fee will be easier than that, then the application fee could be up to $1000. (For example if you refund the application fee after $1000 of revenue, then the application fee could be $1000).
LawndaleLion 11 hours ago

Oh, boy, looks like Winged Cloud, the creators of the Sakura shovelware, are up to no good.

But the community doesn't take them to task and continues to enable them.

Without a community that gives a shit, there's no point to Steam Direct.