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Force92 Nov 22 @ 3:13am 
__ Nov 11 @ 4:30pm 
Valve has posted assurances before, they just don't like to do so because they don't want to scare anybody.
Keep in mind this is an old blog entry, and you can find the latest news at
battlezoby Nov 11 @ 2:33pm 
IF AND WHEN STEAM GOES OUT OF BUSINESS (or merges with a company that
wants to kill off your games) STEAM GAMES WILL NO LONGER WORK SINCE THEY

This is the #1 issue that almost nobody is willing to think or talk about, people are too
concerned with the present to worry or think about the future.

Yea... gift changes suck... but what if your whole library goes dead?

Examples could be Steam deciding to change a monthly fee to keep your games running,
or, worse yet, being bought out by an PC or Gaming-Console company that wants these
games to be dead so you'll have less to play if you don't buy new games.

ANYONE care to comment?

I certainly haven't noticed Steam making ANY assurances that won't happen some day,
or many people even discussing the possibility. I know most people didn't play Nintendo
Wii, but they just shutdown their whole network to get players to buy the newer console.
So this sort of thing SHOULD BE a REAL CONCERN!
281925774 Oct 26 @ 1:55am 
tover Oct 20 @ 7:29am 
you messed up gifting, you never cared about your chatgroups (thats why they all dead now) greenlight was a total mess and you tried to screw over the whole modding community because you smelled money
Richard Upton Pickman Oct 17 @ 12:32pm 
Except when the topic is gifting, steam direct/greenlight, steam groups, trading cards, your customers creating content for you ( who are getting less money for it now) or in case of half life 3. You really always consider customers and never try anything that would upset them.
RvB Churchaboose Oct 17 @ 11:28am 
"When we consider any new features or changes for Steam, our primary goal is to make customers happy." Not the case with steam gifting changes. liar
临安初梦 Oct 12 @ 3:42am 
Sanity Clause Oct 7 @ 2:46am 
I'm commenting here for no reason.
76853643 Sep 22 @ 6:02pm