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DarkRogue 7 hours ago 
Indie developers that create awsome games, they need to pay betwen 100§ to 5000§ to publish one game, and 3 months later more 100 to 5000§ to another game...
Those that make awsome games, but dont have so much money to publish tho...
We cant even vote, it was so nice greenlight.

I know that with greenlight crap games only were published, but think on those indie developers who work hard, and in the final dont have so much money to pay the taxes PER GAME!

It was so easily just paying the account just in greenlight!

Well, you do what you want.. i miss greenlight.
BFeely Jun 27 @ 12:11am 
Does Steam Direct require a company name? Fill out everything you can honestly and see how it works.
If you have trouble, try filing a ticket with Steam Support for assistance.
Rollbackgamer Jun 26 @ 8:53am 
I don't have a company, I didn't know about the change, made a game (It took a long time to make), and I want my game on steam..
Rollbackgamer Jun 26 @ 8:51am 
Can We plz Have steam greenlight back?
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ Jun 25 @ 7:18pm 
Steam Direct is a mess.
I hope they understand the flaws here.
And improve it by conceptualizing some ideas from Steam Greenlight !
Worst. Sniper. Ever. Jun 24 @ 8:25pm 
Okay so... Steam Direct. Is it anything like Greenlight? Is there going to be a page for it? Or do people just pay $100 to get the ball rolling on Steam?

Greenlight was amazing because it showed what the masses were interested in, and what kind of fun games people were coming up with.

What does "Steam Direct" do for the community? Nothing? We don't get to browse fun game concepts? How exactly do games get on Steam? Developers pay money and then they get their stuff on Steam? I'm highly confused.

I miss Greenlight already. Steam Direct seems lame.
Bonder Jun 17 @ 4:00am 
♥♥tutor♥♥tara♥♥ Jun 16 @ 8:06pm 
Demeris, Steam Direct has been available for 3 days. The fee is $100 per game.
Demeris Jun 16 @ 11:35am 
I fully understand that there should be a better vetting process(recent explosion of clones, card games, and visual novels). I'm all for paperwork, tax info and the like. The fee is concerning however. For one the only way I could see the F2P market staying open is ALL future games in it would be P2W(sickening thought). Further a high fee like $5000 would all but make the indie section into a ghost town. I'm developing a game of my own and I'd be hard pressed to cough up that kinda money for the hope that it would be popular enough to make it back. Heck I'd be hard pressed to come up with $1000 because I'm not part of a small time studio. It's just me making ends meet with a modest income job.
goodnewsjimdotcom Jun 14 @ 8:59pm 
Okay looks like the tax approval went through. Gonna take the next steps tonight.