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Ridley12 Aug 14 @ 8:41am 
I hope Sonic Forces comes to Steam!
GraywolfGames Aug 12 @ 3:19pm 
this is stupid, i liked the steam greenlight because it look cool and fun and i didn't need to fill out 2,000 papers.
MissDefi Aug 6 @ 2:50pm 
always someone ruining a good thing..maybe try to revise it and flag people who try to exploit it.
BFeely Jul 28 @ 6:50pm 
Did you contact Support and request a refund? Unused Greenlight keys should be refundable.
]HeLL[ Pagno Jul 28 @ 5:16am 
i already paid the greenlight fee time ago but i've never actually published anything, should i consider the amount that i paid 'lost'?
[Linux] Dr.Satan Jul 22 @ 10:53pm 
oh yeah... do yu even read this shit, Steam?

rather put some people in working on banning cheaters, scammers and yes Spammers.
heres one for you:

964193809 7 Jul @ 8:54pm
[Linux] Dr.Satan Jul 22 @ 10:49pm 
i get it from a capitalistic kindof POV...but my heart as a gamer and nerd was happier with the chaotic and yes a bit clowny Greenlight. Why cant we have Both in the end? is totally clear what you trying to do here and i appreciate it but it will dry out a source of creativity from this community, too, in a way. im not saying something would be better than the other at the same time. no hard feelings.
Luulove Jul 18 @ 6:05am 
Building a 2.5D Platformer/Fighting game if anyone is interested.
♥♥tutor♥♥tara♥♥ Jul 17 @ 4:29pm 
Tacky The Penguin, Steam Direct has been released with a recoupable fee of $100. Here is the announcement that was made when it was released:

CoffeGamer, look at the link I posted above for more information. You start the process of adding a game to Steam here:
CoffeeGamer Jul 17 @ 4:48am 
how to upload said 'games' to steam?