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Starship Theory

More fixes and balance changes

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Palad1n Jul 8 @ 3:46pm 
There are enough resources to let you build out the hull a little bit, add some floor space, and let you construct 1 mining laser and 1-2 heating vents. You can optionly take apart the small engine and use those resources to help you get your mining ops, more power / cpu needs going a little faster.
LupisVolk Jul 8 @ 2:51pm 
@WarStalkeR i think that's a bit tooo "easy mode" and would trigger all these "hardcore" RNG addicts. I'd rather have a ship that is in essence two escape pods joned with.

* 1~2 small Engines
* Food Dispenser
* Water Cooler
* 1 Mining Lasers
* Cargo Hold
* 2 Small Heat Vents
* enough CPU Panels for the ship
* enough Small Solar Panels for the ship
pure_darknessii Jul 8 @ 2:17pm 
Not sure where to paste this as I have no Reddit account, but I found a minor bug that appears when placing engines in the hull with something on the hull. Like placing a medium engine under a medium heat vent. The graphics go haywire for the effected items, and neither the engine nore the heat vent can be removed and actually locks up the worker attempting to remove them.
MsgNinja Jul 8 @ 1:38pm 
Should've add difficulty mode to fix players who want to play easy only.
panpiper Jul 8 @ 10:30am 
I'm not sure I agree with you there WarStalkeR. A ship with that many components is a MASSIVE leap towards the mid game. That's easily several hours of gameplay which you would deprive the player of. Maybe that in 'tutorial' mode, with the option to continue play, but not for anything other than the absolute easiest setting.
WarStalkeR Jul 8 @ 10:02am 
Great progress Reconnect!

Starting game in Escape Pod without anything can be quite brutal sometimes. I think players should have choice to start game either in default Escape Pod, or in Basic Mining Starship that has:
* 1~2 Medium Engines
* 4 Beds
* Research Console
* Small Food Table
* Food Dispenser
* Water Cooler
* 2~3 Mining Lasers
* Medium Cargo Hold
* Small Heat Vents
* CPU Panels
* Small Solar Panels
longshot976 Jul 8 @ 4:55am 
A bit more resources at the start would be really good :-)
Econor Jul 8 @ 3:18am 
Is there something like a "creative mode" comming? (Just build a ship and try things)
Medicus Jul 8 @ 1:52am 
I agree with some of the guys here, the trading system should be changed to a standard buy frmo inventory.
Pixel Jul 8 @ 12:05am 
Enemies less armed.

First enemy that shows up has a Plasma Turret..while I have..a mining laser.

Still the same as before. This needs a few weeks before its properly playable.