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Welcome to the official group for Battlerite!

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Welcome to the official Battlerite community!

Greetings! Join our group, it will grant you several benefits to your Battlerite experience!

Benefits for joining our group
  • Notifications about the latest Battlerite news a soon as they’re live.
  • Participate in the community discussions of the game.
  • Discuss the game with the developers.
  • In-game items when we enter Early Access:
    • 1 Gold Chest - Each Gold Chest contains at least one Epic item!
    • 3 Silver Chests - Each Silver Chest contains at least one Rare item!
  • With more goodies to come in the future!

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Welcome to the community news!

We at Stunlock Studios have started up a devblog! The latest one was about Season 1 and Season 2. You can find it at

Expect new blog posts on Mondays!


Remember to keep an eye on for a schedule of upcoming tournaments.


Region(s): Europe, North America

We're kicking off the competitive scene for Battlerite in 2017 with Enter The Arena, a 3v3 tournamant. The event is divided in two, with an open qualifier being held this weekend. The top 4 teams of each region will qualify for the main event held next week and will duke it out with 4 pre-invited teams. The qualifying events are held on:
  • 17:00 CET on Saturday, February 18th for Europe
  • 2:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 19th for North America
The qualifying teams gets to participate in a showdown of the best-of-the-best in both Europe and North America on two consecutive action-packed days next weekend, with a prize pool of $10,000.

Keep an eye on Battlerekt's twitch channel[] at 18:00 CET on Saturday and 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST on Sunday for streams of the Enter The Arena qualifiers!

You can find more information, and still sign up for the qualifiers, at:


Region(s): Europe, Brazil

ESL Play are hosting a few tournaments this weekend and during next week.

ESL Play has its own section for Battlerite at


Region(s): Brazil

Next week the King of the Arena series held in Brazil will continue with a 2v2
tournament on Monday February 20th, at 3:00 PM PST, and 3v3 tournament on Wednesday February 22nd, 3:00 PM PST.

The winner of the tournament will get to play against the reigning Kings, with the Kings earning in-game prizes based upon how long they remain undefeated. Naturally, the team that defeats the reigning team will take their place for the next occasion.

Go to for more information and signups.


Region(s): North America

Pro Rivalry League[], will be hosting their fifth 3v3 Battlerite tournament on Wednesday February 22nd, at 7:00 PM EST.

There is $300 in the prize pot. Keep your eye on for signups and more information!


If you have a useful community related tool or website, or are hosting a tournament and would like to be featured in this section, please write an email to community[at]battlerite[dot]com with information about it!
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