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Looks great. Always thought they could have done more with the Xen levels in the original game.
Casidian Jan 13 @ 5:34pm 
I'm looking forward to it! Keep up the great work!
JJRcop Δ Jan 5 @ 10:29am 
@Bengt If you see the screenshots they have the original maps in the lower right corner, and you can see how much bigger their Xen maps are, so they are very much deviating.
Forky Dec 27, 2016 @ 11:03pm 
Hnng, those Hammer maps.

Seriously, I'm excited to see what changes are being made to Xen.
greenspleen17 (Ray Rumpus) Dec 22, 2016 @ 9:08pm 
It kind of looks like a cave... Oh god no dont make xen in a cave
PhoenixBorn Dec 21, 2016 @ 7:53pm 
This is an awesome game. Looking forward to Xen. Thank you guys. Bought it when I saw that Xen is being worked on.
NoChillRaptor Dec 20, 2016 @ 6:00pm 
I am so ready.
tin Dec 17, 2016 @ 11:32pm 
Please don't list a season as a timing. Use months. They stay the same no matter where in the world you are. "June to August 2017" (picking at random) is much clearer to the entire world.

Seasons not only swap for the opposite hemisphere, but they don't always follow the same schedule either. May aswell just say "some time in 2017".

On a more positive note, I loved the first "half" of this remake. Looking forward to Xen, although I found it terribly painful in the original for some reason.
Unpleasant Experiences Dec 16, 2016 @ 10:30am 
@Majami the male black ops was never in HL1
Bengt Dec 15, 2016 @ 9:10am 
I hope you're not deviating too much from the original, just a few screenshots would really help alleviate fears about this, but I was a fan of almost all of the changes in the mod when I played it so long ago now. I was going to hold off buying this until xen was released, but seeing the enormous effort you have put in so far I have been convinced of the level of polish that the final version will receive, so I have decided to buy this now in support of the final product. Best of luck in the last push!